March 4, 2010

You Want To Spank Me Where?

Photography by China Hamilton

As I was browsing through some more pictures taken by China Hamilton, I came across this one.  This picture brings something to mind in dealing with sub L.  In her discovery of who and what she really is, she has changed her opinion almost 180 degrees on so many things from when we first started.  The most notable change would be her position on pain.

When we first met, L said she didn't like pain and wasn't into anything involving pain.  My how times have changed.  She has not only found that she finds an erotic enjoyment in receiving pain, but practuically begs for it these days.  Let me clarify to a dregree about pain.  the pain inflicted upon her is in the way of spanking, nipple clamps and nipple twisting, hair pulling, and ther like.  Nothing too over the top.  Yet, every time we are together she wants it more and more, and needs it harder and deeper.  I have told her she is becoming quite a little pain slut.  The pain is so arousing to her that she feels lost without it.  She has a deep seeded need to be controlled and dominated, and to recieve the pain, which she feels as pleasure, or she doesn't feel free and coplete.  she feels she is lacking something without it. 

Back to the picture, and in connection with sub L and her need for painful stimulation, she has discovered how much she enjoys having her pussy slapped.  Slapped, spanked, smacked...however you want to look at it, she loves it.  Sometimes it's a single hard and loud smack.  Sometimes it's a series of fast and lighter smacks.  However her pussy is struck she loves it and only wants more.  She has even been able to cum and orgasm just from having her pussy slapped.  I have made her spread her legs similar to the picture, and I get onto her if she jumps too much, or tries to close her legs any at all.  It's all about me controlling her pussy and giving her the sting and heat in her pussy that she loves from the slaps.  I will admit that I do rather enjoy it as well.  It's just one of the ways I can use her to my liking, and she feels used in a way that she loves.

So...ladies/subs/slaves..what is your opinion on pussy slapping?  Have you ever had it done to you?   If so, do you like it?  If not, do you have a desire to have it done?  Just curious if this is a standard practice for a lot of you, or jsut an individual preference.


  1. ...It all started with a pussy slap .

    Uh oh, I think I am headed down this road.

    I love it. The light-handed slaps. That slaps that come from no where, you don't know when they'll start...surprise! But once you receive the first, you just NEED it, again and again.

  2. oooh very nice...Ya there is always lots of begging for more. Even if it's done with a crop....with not as heavy as touch of course...


  3. Hedone...why uh oh? LOL! As long as you enjoyn it, that's all that matters. A little pleasure and pain all mixed into one! :)

    mouse...I tihnk it's all about the attention. It doesn't really matter what the tool is as long as attention is being paid where you need it most!