February 28, 2016

Paving The Path (Struggles and Growth)...

Things have changed over the past year.  They have gotten better in a way and stayed stagnant in another.  Coming out of a not so great marriage and needing a fresh start, my slave moved here to be with me last summer.  Not in the same house, but locally where she has her own place for her and her daughter.  It has been wonderful having her here so nearby, but it hasn't come with it's challenges.

There were some issues with her daughter and not adjusting well to the move.  We got past that and she is doing great now.  There were some issues with the first job she found here and it was a badly managed business which caused ungodly amounts of stress.  Now on job number 2, and it's better but still not quite what she would love to be doing.  She has had her own adjustments in being away from her family and friends.  Then there is the problem of us not being able to be together as much as either of us would like, even though it's much more than we had before.

That last one, the lack of time together, that one has a lot to do with me and my side of things.  As many of you know, I am married but at this point it's out of convenience.  Although I'm really beginning to see that it's not very convenient.  We have stayed together for our daughter.  We grew apart long ago, but still get along well enough.  We each have our own outside relationships, but we are at a point we each are wanting more than we can have.  We all get along and even hang out together (yes the four of us in our own convoluted messed up relationships).  It's great we all get along and makes life easier.  Yet, I still have obligations at home that keep me here and keep me from being with the slave I want to be with on a more constant basis.  It's hard for us both, but hopefully change in that arena is on the horizon.

With all the potential issues, roadblocks, and obstacles, we have still managed to grow closer.  It would seem as though we have grown closer by leaps and bounds.  We have become more of the Master and slave we desire to be.  We have felt the depth of what we have intensifying.  She has become more slave than she ever thought she would be.  She has become more emotionally attached (me too for that matter) than she ever has been before.  I am so very proud of her for the progress she has made and seeing her grow this way.  Becoming the woman she needs to be for herself and for me.  Seeing how far she has come fills me with pride.
Yet all that progress and growth and becoming closer creates its own issue.  It's makes us want this and to be together that much more.  It makes us want to be Master and slave that much more.  It makes not being together that much harder.  But like everything else, together we will get through it.  We will work on it together and come out the other side stronger and better for it.  If anything, it has allowed us to see just how much we do want and need this dynamic and with each other.

I have always said that the one thing I haven't done in this lifestyle but want more than anything is to be able to have a 24/7 relationship.  To be able to live it day in and day out with someone.  I'm sure that will bring upon its own set of issues, but those are things that we both eagerly welcome.  It will change.  We will have what we want.  Sooner rather than later.  We will get there and have it.  We have been paving the way, and together we will embark on this "Dauntless Journey" together.