March 30, 2010

A Touching Moment

Photo by Roger Woods

I was searching through my vault of pics and came across this one.  I forgot I had it, but I do so love it.  

I believe it encompasses the esscence of a D/s relationship.  She is bound and on her knees showing her total submission to her Dom.  She is dressed sexy just for him.  She is waiting for him to instruct her.  He gently takes her face in his hand, lifts her chin, and looks her in the eye to be able to see what is his, and to feel the gaze back from her that says how much she is giving all she has to him. 

I would love your comments and feedback.  What do you see?  How does this image make you feel?  What does it bring to mind and heart for you? 


  1. I love it. It gave me the chills as I imagined...wished that that was me in that position.

  2. I very much agree with Hedone on this one and wish I were the one on my knees! :)

    As for me, and in addition to your comments, DV, I see a woman who has stopped fighting. She has finally ended the struggle within herself and against her Master, and has admitted that she is a submissive and that this is her rightful place. It can be a long journey, but if you come out looking like this on the other end, it was all worth it...

    Baby Girl :)

  3. Ahhhh ladies...the true submissives see this and wish it was them. It does have a peaceful feel to it, in my opinion. It is calm, caring and loving. She is at peace with who she is and what she is for her Dom, and he seems to handle her with reverence. Very nice!


  4. I see a woman who wants love in her heart. And she knows only her Master can love her how she needs it. I know how she feels. My Master makes my heart flutter when he looks at me with love in his eyes before he slaps me.