December 30, 2011

FAF Year End Playoffs - Round 1

Welcome to the FAF playoffs!  Earlier this year I did the mid-year playoffs.  Now it is time for the year end playoffs.  All of the past winners will be put against each other to determine your overall favorite.  Here is how this will work:

- There are nineteen (19) winners since the mid-year playoffs.
- There will be ten (10) to vote on this week, and nine (9) to vote on next week.
- The top three (3) from each week will advance to go against each other in the finals to determine the winner.
- In the preliminary rounds, you are welcome to vote up to three times, for three different pictures.  It will only let you cast one vote at a time, so you will have to reload your page to vote again. 
- In the case of a tie, I will choose my favorite, between the ones tied, to advance to the next round.
- The winner of the year end playoffs will go up against the winner of the mid-year playoffs to determine the overall Fantastic Ass of the Year 2011.

Without further ado...let's get on with the voting.  Good luck to your favorite and may the best ass win!











December 29, 2011

Tis The Season To...Receive?

There are many women in this world who are in positions of authority.  They may hold a position within a business that puts them in charge.  Maybe they run their own business.  Maybe they are a Doctor or Lawyer.  Whatever the position and career, a woman can be in a position where she has to make decisions, direct other people, give orders, make choices that directly affect the outcome of a situation and greatly affects those around her.  She is constantly giving her thoughts, mind, intellect, and experience to others. 

A recent conversation revealed something to me.  Let me explain.  There are women in positions of power outside the home, as mentioned before, who are very successful in their careers.  They make a great living for their family and provide very well.  Their career has blossomed, and they have made great strides in becoming more and better within their chosen field.  Yet, they still are not happy.  There is still something missing.  They feel like they aren't enough.  Even at home they have people who rely on them to see to the household, and to their needs.  So, not only do they give all they can at work, but also have to give even more of themselves at home.  Always feeling like they aren't enough, they keep trying to give more, which continues to make them unhappy.  It's a constant cycle of spiraling downward.  Happiness in your professional life doesn't usually translate to overall happiness.  there has to be a balance between the professional and the personal side. 

Some of these women I speak of, at least for the point of this post, also happen to be submissive.  When many of us think of a submissive, we think about her giving.  We think about her giving herself, pleasing her partner, doing as he desires and requests, etc...  It is all about her giving, and finding pleasure in that.  That is a degree.  But, when she gives at work and gives at home, and doesn't receive anything tangible in return, that is where the unhappiness sets in.  

This very well may not just apply to a submissive woman, but women in general.  They can only give so much without receiving in return.  They need to feel the strength of their partner.  They need to feel wanted and needed.  They need to feel appreciated and valued.   They need the structure and discipline that they receive from their partner.  When at home, they need to be able to follow and be guided.  In some cases they need to be held accountable and held to strict obedience.  They need to feel all of these things from their partner/Master/Dom.  This is what keeps them balanced and centered.  This is what makes them feel normal and like themselves.  Without it they can feel lost and not knowing how to steer the ship straight.

It all begins at home.  It all is based within your personal relationship with your partner.  If you are unhappy with this aspect of your life, then it will carry over to your professional life.  If you are happy and content in your personal life, then your professional life tends to look that much brighter.  Submission by a woman isn't all about is also about receiving.  A woman has to feel that she is receiving what she needs, or she will not be able to give the way she may like, or her partner may expect. 

To all you men, Dominants, and Masters, I leave you with this little's not all about what she gives you.  It's not all about what you can take from her.  What she receives from you is a big part of the equation.  If she doesn't receive what she needs, then she can never be what you need her to be.  She will never be happy, and then...well...what's the point.  After all, this is about fulfilling the mutual needs of each other. 

To all the women, submissives, and slaves I say's ok to need.  It's ok to expect your partner to give you what you need in your relationship, just as you give and offer to him what he needs.  It's ok to look at your relationship and understand that you do need to have your needs met.  It's ok to not just give, but to receive.  Tis the season for not only giving, but...for receiving!

December 27, 2011


Sometimes...a picture really does speak louder than words. 

Sometimes...a picture can say things you could never fully express in words.   Things that you need to either be able to administer or put yourself in the position to be administered to. 

Sometimes...we just have basic carnal needs that we need to act out. To be able to let loose with what we feel inside. 

Sometimes...we need to show our authority, or be reminded of our place within the relationship. 

Sometimes...we need to show our devotion...our commitment...our gratitude for all we have. 

And the end of the day we need to know we are needed, wanted, appreciated, valued, and mean the world to someone else. can say so much more with a picture.  You can express moods...set locations and a can sometimes use one picture to get across what one thousand words might not begin to say. 


December 23, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to a holiday edition of FAF.  There will be no voting this week.  The pictures are strictly for your viewing pleasure. Next week we will begin the first round of the FAF Year End Playoffs, pitting all the weekly winners against each other.  Last week's winner is posted to the right, and I must say I was surprised at how much of a blow-out it was.  The winner ran away with almost all your votes. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and a Very Merry Christmas!



December 16, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to the last official FAF of 2011.  Yep, you heard right...this is it for the year.  Ok, well not completely for the year.  This is the last week of voting on FAF for the year.  Next week I will be doing a special Christmas Edition FAF just for your viewing pleasure.  After that, we will begin the FAF Playoffs for the second half of 2011.  We have had some great weekly winners, so the playoffs should be very interesting.  The winner of that will be put up against the winner of the first half of 2011 to find an overall winner.

As always, last week's winner is posted to the right.  I hope you all enjoyed the males I threw at you last week.  I think I have some great choices for you this week that will make choosing your favorite very difficult.  That is always my goal anyway.

Have a great weekend! everyone! 







December 14, 2011

Who Knew It Had A Name...

In almost every dynamic that involves D/s, M/s, BDSM, TTWD, or whatever you want to call it, there seems to be some control concept that involves some level of pain.  Most of us, but not all, seem to use pain in one form or another to derive pleasure and/or instill submission. 

What I didn't know is that there is an actual name for enjoying pain.  It's called Algolagnia.  The definition of this is deriving sexual pleasure and stimulation from physical pain, often involving an erogenous zone.  This applies to both sides of the equation as well...those that receive the pain and those that deliver the pain.  Who knew we are all really Algolagniacs?!?!

A spanking or flogging for many may be what they enjoy.  This is the type pain they have come to love, and find themselves getting sexual aroused from that.  Maybe it's rough sex that you enjoy and the potential pain mixed with pleasure that really gets you going.  Conversely, a Dominant can get sexually excited from giving a spanking or flogging.  Being able to exert his power and Dominance can be very sexually arousing.  From some of my research, I also found that pain, and we will use that term loosely, doesn't have to be physical in nature.  It can be mental as well.  A couple of examples of this would be forms of humiliation and exhibitionism.  More commonly it would be referred to as a mindfuck. 

There are some in the medical community, psychologists and psychiatrists, that have tried to determine the causes and reasons behind the pleasure.pain connection.  Really though, there have not been many thorough studies to understand this.  Although, many see it as some type of psychosis.  Some say it's beahavioral, some say it is psychologically related, some say brain abnormalities, and some say it's genetic.  The real answer is that no one knows for sure.  There is a definite correlation, though, in that it is always related to sexual sadism and/or sexual masochism. 

And here I thought we were all just a bit kinky.  Turns out there is an actual term for our dark desires.  I'm not saying that any of us are sick, demented, or off our rocker.  We all enjoy what we do and need it as part of our lives.  And by all means, this part of us is done with a partner that is fully consensual to the acts being performed.  I'm sure there is a point where it may cross over into total psychosis, but that is on a completely different level than what I am discussing here.  I just thought it would be fun to show and explain that there is a name for the enjoyment of pain that is found to be sexually arousing.  Especially since this is what so many of us use in our play time. 

So keep marching on my fellow Algolagniacs! 

December 11, 2011

Be Who You Are

There is a recurring theme I see in emails I receive from women.  It has to do with being able to accept their submissive nature...or rather having trouble accepting it.  For so many women, accepting and being happy with their submissive nature goes against what is viewed as the norms of acceptable and expected behavior for women.  Because of this, many people find it hard to be happy with themselves...they don't feel free to be who they truly are inside. 

I have written about this in the past, and don't intend to re-hash it today.  But...I did come across a couple of quotes that I wanted to share.  The quotes weren't intended specifically for TTWD, but I think you can take them and apply them to this situation.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions about this subject and/or the quotes.

December 9, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

I wanted to take this time to answer a formspring question, of sorts, that I received.  I received this:  "This is a difficult vote.  All female asses look good, don't you think?"  You are preaching to the choir, my friend.  Obviously, since I post pictures every week, I have an affinity for a woman's ass.  The curves, the shapes...I love them all.  I guess deep down that's may be why I started FAF.  I love the form that is the female ass, and so I began sharing my love of it with the rest of you.  Thanks for the question!

Last week we had a very close vote between two of the pictures.  Thanks to all that voted.  The winner is posted to the right.  If your favorite didn't win, not to fear.  You can try again this week.  I going to give all the ladies an early Christmas present this week.  Yep...a gaggle of male asses for your viewing pleasure.  You can't say DV doesn't tend to the desires of his ladies.  :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season, is staying warm, and staying safe.  Have a great weekend everybody!







December 7, 2011

Cookie Baking For Dummies (For The Guys)

Welcome to DV's "Cookie Baking For Dummies"! A step-by-step guide to making cookies that are tasty and easy to make. I thought I would try to help all the guys as part of the Cookie Recipe Extravaganza.
Let's make one thing clear...DV LOVES cookies. I'm a big fan of cookies and like to eat and try the great creations of others. But let's face it...for a majority of guys, actually making cookies is not on the top of our list. That probably goes, at least for me it does, for any baking. As much as I enjoy eating, it's the consumption I enjoy, not the manufacturing. Isn't that why I have a wonderful female partner? So she can bake me cookies? ;)

So for all you guys out there that aren't that good at baking or cooking, this is the post for you. I'm going to make this real easy for you. If I can do it, any of you can do it. And I can promise you that your kids love when Dad does this...especially when they know you can't cook. It holds quite the entertainment value. LOL!

All you need is an oven, a cookie sheet, and a flat spatula (spatula not absolutely necessary). If you have a apron handy, put it will make you look cool and like you know what you're doing. Now...go to the store and buy this:

That's right... it's cookie dough that is completely ready to be baked and even comes in perforated squares. See...easy! Almost idiot proof! (As a side note, the dough is pretty good right out of the package, so eat one or two if you like.) For those that aren't familiar with your oven, find the temperature pre-heat button, and pre-heat the oven to the temp stated on the package. The location and method for pre-heating varies by oven model, so you're on your own with this. Once the oven is pre-heated and ready, open your cookie package, break apart the little pre-formed squares, set them on the cookie sheet as directed, and put them in the oven. It's that simple. All of the dough will not fit on one cookie sheet. So, you will have to do this cycle more than once. The oven will be very hot so be careful not to burn yourself. Trust me...that really hurts! Might be helpful on your first try to have some aloe handy just in case.

This next part is important, so pay attention. The package says how long to leave the cookies in the oven. So, use your swiss army watch and keep track of how long they are in the oven. This is typically around 10 minutes. Once your time is up, use a hot-pad or oven mitt and remove the cookie sheet from the oven. Do not...I repeat...DO NOT try to remove the sheet using your bare hand. I don't care how big and bad you think you are, this is a REALLY BAD idea. Use your spatula and remove the cookies from the cookie sheet and place on a plate of your choice. Once cookies are removed from sheet, put the remaining dough on the cookie sheet, place in oven, and repeat the timing process.

The cookies are ready to eat as soon as they come out of the oven. But BEWARE...they will be very hot, and the gooey chocolate chips will scald your mouth, so you have been warned. Within a matter of minutes, though, they are still warm but safe to eat. As a safety issue, once all cookies are made, remember to turn the oven off. Not only will not doing so waste energy, but leaving it on greatly increases the risk of burning down your house.

So guys, you now have the knowledge to go out into the world and make your own cookies, or make them for the ones you love. Whatever you do, don't tell the women how easy this is. Let them think you slaved over them and put hours of effort into making cookies just for them. They will be very impressed and so appreciative of your efforts.

Good luck, and may the "Cookie Gods" be by your side as you make those little patties of dough and chocolate goodness. :)

December 6, 2011

When Communication Goes Wrong

Any of you who have read much of what I have written, or have read many blogs on the subject of D/s, know how important I think it is to communicate.  Being able to talk openly with your partner, tell them what you are feeling, express what is on your mind, good or bad, is vital to any relationship, but especially in TTWD.  I don't care what dynamic you have with your partner, from vanilla to the most extreme BDSM, you have to be able to talk openly about anything and everything.  That is the key to the door that unlocks the entire relationship. 

But what happens when that goes wrong?  What happens when there is miscommunication?  That can be a problem...even as much of a problem as a lack of communication itself.  This is where the art of communication comes into play.  Sometimes it isn't enough just to talk and express.  There are times when how what you say what's on your mind and how it is perceived by your partner that can make the difference between understanding and being offended. 

Personally, I demand open communication.  I don't want my partner holding their thoughts, feelings, and issues inside and letting them fester into something bad.  This has a potential down side of which you need to be aware.  With some people, maybe they haven't fully processed what they are thinking or feeling.  Yet, because I have asked for her openness, she lets it flow off the cuff...just letting what is on her mind spill out.  It is something she need to share and discuss.  The problem arises when it just comes flowing out and how it is presented isn't taken into account.  To a Dominant, it has the possibility of coming across as demanding or controlling.  It can hit him the wrong way, thereby putting him on the the defensive.  The dilemma is that, for me, I have asked her to be open and share, but now I am berating her for doing so and for what she is saying.  

So...what's a man to do?!?!  I guess I could spank her until it makes me feel better.  (joke)  But that really isn't going to solve the issue.  I don't need to confuse her and make her think that being open with me was a bad thing to do.  Communication is a two-way street, so if you reach this point you need to take a step back.  Look at the situation and see why you are even talking about this.  I need to notice what is happening and dig deeper.  I need to be able to find out and understand where she is coming from with this...what is behind it and what is driving it.  She needs to be willing to look deeper and see what has caused her to feel the way she is feeling and be willing to express that. 

I know some of the Dominants and Masters might look at this and say that there is no room for disrespect, or coming across as demanding or controlling.  I agree to a point, but that is not the point of my post (that is an entire different post in itself).  I think the most important thing, though, is to find out why you are having the discussion in the first place, why it is an issue for her, and what is causing this issue.  It's possible she didn't mean any disrespect, and she just used a poor choice of words in expressing herself.  If this is not the case, then feel free to punish her as you will.  But for me...I am more concerned with the bigger picture of why this is an issue in the first place, and reaching a resolution.  And for the record, this isn't easy.  I will be the first to tell you that I can take something the wrong way and fly off the handle about it.  Or let me re-phrase...I can take something at face value as it was presented, but that may not be the intention behind what was said.  As I learn to take my own advice, it's better to slow down and find out what is behind the spoken words, than to just assume you understand how they were presented. 

Communication can be a double edged sword at times.  We all want open communication and to be able to share what is on our mind.  Yet, you don't want to feel like you are in a lose/lose situation for doing so.  When communication goes awry, try to look at the subject and intention behind it.  Sometimes things may not be all they appear on the surface.  It is worth the effort to figure out what is happening behind the words.  That potentially can make all the difference in the world.

December 2, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to December everyone!  I hope you all had a good November, and that it ended with a great Thanksgiving.  It's the time of year when the temperatures begin to drop, tempers start to flare, and every crazy shopper that exists all seem to be at the one store I decide to visit.  LOL!  Not to mention, you end up wasting way too much of your time trying to think of gifts for people when you have absolutely no clue what to get. 

Not to fear, I have a little reprieve for you from the madness.  I will provide a few minutes of rest and relaxation as you sit in front of your computer screen staring at some fine asses and thinking of all the things you would like to do to them.  The winner from the last FAF, two weeks ago, is posted to the right. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Try not to get too stressed about the holidays.  Take time to catch your breath, spank your loved one, and have a nice cool beverage of your choice...preferably of the alcohol laden variety if you are me.  :)