March 21, 2010

What To Do?!?!

So...lie down and tell me...what should I do with you?!?! 

Should I spank your sweet ass?  You'd probably like that.  Should I make you service me?  You'd probably like that.  Should I tease you and make you want it so bad you can't stand it?  You'd probably like that too. 

Maybe I'll just stand over you in silence and let you wonder what is to come of you?!?!  All while I take in the sights your body has to offer!  Yeah...making you lay there, build your curiosity, the intensity, and making you wonder for now sounds like a great idea.  I like keeping you in the dark and not knowing what is coming next!


  1. The suspense is almost too much to handle!

    Baby Girl :)

  2. Yes, I would like that...all of it!

  3. I'm glad I could peek your interest ladies. so much of this is mental and emotional. I think the anticipation makes the scenario as exciting as anything.