March 8, 2010

The Collar

Photography by Elena Vasilieva

Here is another picture that is up for interpretation.  There's just something alluring about a pet/sub on a leash and a collar.  Although, this picture doesn't leave a lot in my mind to be interpreted. 

In this picture I see...stubbornness...defiance...rebellion...insubordination.  A fighting against the collar and against her submission and all that it stands for and means.  I she tied to a wall and fighting that?  Is her Dom/Master pulling the leash and she is fighting that?  Whatever the case, there appears to be a lack of submission, rebellion against control, and a strong sense of independence shining through. 

As a Dominant, though, sometimes I do enjoy seeing my sub fight against something.  Maybe it goes against her beliefs and she is standing up for herself.  Or, maybe she is just being defiant for the sake of it.  Eithyer way, sometimes it's nice to see a little spunk and pep in her attitude. long as it's not in a disrespecful manner. 

What are your thoughts?  Maybe you see something I don't or am missing?!?!


  1. Yep! I think you caught it all in your interpretation. I also think a little defiance is HOT. But I don't think I'd try it with my Dom.

    Nice photo.

  2. can't argue with what you wrote either Sir.