March 29, 2010


I have received a number of compliments on the pictures I post.  I always try to find a picture to accompany my post that goes along with the theme of it.  A sincere thanks to all that have commented. 

In the past i have done a segement of posts where I post a picture, give my interpretation, and open the forum for your comments and your own interpretations.  I intend to try to make this a weekly thing.  Maybe I'll get creative a do it on a certain day each week and give it a catchy title.  This is my plan moving forward anyway.

Having said that...I recently received an email asking if I would accept pictures and post them on my blog.  I really hadn't thought about it before, but here's my thoughts.  IF you would like to send me a pic, I will be happy to review it/them and see about posting it.  You are welcome to do it anonymously, or send them and I will post them as anonymous on my blog.  I will never give out information about the pic unless you wish for me to do so.  I was asked if I would do this so this person could post some pics, without them being related directly to their blog, but still get them out there to be seen.  I will also be happy to do this to open up discussions about them for my readers.  Or...if you would just like me to post so sexy pics from you as one of my readers, then I can do that.  I will be happy to discuss this with you one on one if you like.  I see no reason I can't put up pictures I like, if you would like to submit them.  I will scrutinize them, and be a bit picky, after all this is my blog.  :)

So....Hmmm...Ok!  If you are interested, I will do it.  Let's see what you ahve, and I'll see about posting it, and getting some discussion going about this.  I'm not looking to totally change the direction of my blog with this.  I just thought it might add a new demension to things and be enjoyable for all.


  1. I have always enjoyed the pics that you've posted and must say that your offer is most generous! :) Although I don't know if I would ever want to post my own pics, I think it's wonderful that you're giving people the opportunity to "put themselves out there"! You're a giving soul, DV!

    Baby Girl :)

  2. LOL! Thanks BG! That's why I offer to do it anonymously. You and Daddy might no want pics of you on your own page for whatever reson. Yet, this way you still have an option if you so choose. I'm just offering my services to fill the space of an apparent need. :)

    In all seriousness, since it was brought to my attention, I just thought I would offer the opportunity. It may never come to fruition with anyone. But the offer stands if someone so chooses. But don't worry, I certainly will not abandon my typical pics! I enjoy searching for them and posting them too much! :)