March 23, 2010

Inner Workings Of An Icemaker

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of the automatic icemaker in your refrigerator?  Probably not, if I had to guess.  All you know is you plug it in and you have ice in the tray when you need it. 

Well...I have news for you.  There is a lot of work that goes into keeping that tray full of ice that is ready to be used upon your need.  One day I found myself curious as to how those things actually make ice and get it into the little cubes we so love.  I opened my freezer, started taking it apart piece by piece.  I was determined to figure out exactly how this thing worked.  I was astonished at what I found.  I ran to get my camera to take a picture, so I could prove to everyone else what I was seeing.  Here is that picture!

Now, as Paul Harvey would say (for those that know him), you know the rest of the story.  :)

I bet you think twice the next time you get ice from your freezer.  For that one moment, you'll think about whether she is hiding in there somewhere!  LOL!


  1. DV Sir,

    That explains it! I have to buy a new one every freaking year because that little naked woman runs away!


  2. Ha! Very cute. I hope my ice-maker has thighs as nice as yours does.


  3. Mouse...
    C'mon now! You're in a relationship that knows all about restraints. Tie her up and keep her in there working. LOL!

    I"m sure she does. My only problem is she is such a tease. So hot yet so small. There is really nothing I can do with her bu get ice out of her. LOL!