March 23, 2010

The Parts That Make Up the Whole

Sometimes it's not about all the fine details. Sometimes it's the ambiguity of things, and your imagination that are the most erotic and sensual. Sometimes filling in the blanks yourself is much more exhilarating than if you know all there is to know. Sometimes it's what you can't see that makes it so exciting and intoxicating.

To me, the outline and curves of a sexy woman are sensuous to no end. It's what all men crave and long for about a woman. It's every individual curve a woman has that makes up the whole. It's learning to enjoy every curve and the eroticism of everything about her - mind, body and soul - that will keep you going...keep you interested...keep you enthralled...and will ultimately keep her interested in you as she discovers you are interested in her as a whole and not just her individual assets.

I obviously speak from a man's point of view, who loves women.  Yet, you can swap it around for your own perspective.  I hope everyone that has partner can take the time to appreciate all the curves they have to offer and get to know them all intimately. And not just her physical curves, but mental and emotional curves as well. It is the whole package that makes her who she is.  It's not just her sexy body, her good looks, her personality, or her intelligence.  It is the mixture of all of it together in one homogenous mixture that makes the whole of her being. 

Once you can see all the parts of her working together as a unit for the whole... It is then and only then that you can truly love and be loved in return and feel the ultimate passion two people can share!!