March 25, 2010

For The Women

A lot of my readers are women.  So...for my readers, I want you to know that I am not totally a uni-directional person.  I don't just have a one track mind on my side of the fence.  I am aware of your desires and needs, so today I decided to cater to them. 

I always post pics that are female related, but not today.  Today I will switch gears a little bit and give my readers a sexy view from the other direction.

Now you can't say that I'm making all my female readers look at and talk about nothing but naked women.  You now have some eye candy of your own.  :)


  1. Quit nice! Thank you.

    ...I can't seem to leave this page

  2. That's mighty thoughtful of you! Of course, the other pics weren't half bad either... ;)

    Baby Girl :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm partial to the others myself. I just thought I'd be nice and polite and tease your senses a bit. Don't worry. The normal pics will stil be the norm. I'm certainly not changing my status or view on what I like to lok at and talk about! :)