April 30, 2010

You Never Know...

Once upon a time in my life I was involved with law enforcement.  This was in a different town than I live in now.  I learned one of the most important things about people while having that job....You never know about people.  The people you think would never do something are the ones that do.  the people you think would do something, a lot of times don't.  Doctors and lawyers are involved in a lot of the same things, crime waise, as the ordinary man.  Murders within their families are committed.  Drugs are being, used sold and distributed.  Affairs are going on left and right.  You should never profile someone, or streotype them, as you will get yourself in a bind very quickly by assuming someone will act a certain way due to their social class, dress, car, etc...

As I haven't been in that line of work in a while, my line of thinking about those type things has diminished a bit.  But it all came back to reality this week when I heard a bit of gossip.  Well, not total gossip, as it's actually the truth and has been verified.  Anyway...I discovered a prominant Doctor in my current town, and his wife, are big into the swingers scene.  I don't really know them but know who they are.  To look at them, you woul never think it.  But then again, what does a swinger look like?  They have quite a kinky side, and enjoy playing with others together as well as separately.  Never in a million years would I have thought they would be doing something like that. 

While I was traveling for work this week, I ended up at a restaurant bar in downtown Houston.  It had a nice outdoor patio area, the bar was half inside and half outside, enabling people to enjoy the nice weather, and the usual inside seating area.  I sat at the bar, had a few beers, ate some dinner, and wondered.  Having found out what I did about the Doctor got my mind back into it's old mode of thinking.  I began looking around at all the people in the restaurant and wondering what it is they are hiding.

It's kind of fun to look at people, usually women for me, and try to figure out what they like and are into sexually.  You look at the hot twenty something across the bar and think "I bet she's wild as hell in the sack".  Then you look at another lady that appears to have just come from church and think "I bet she's as boring as watching paint dry".  Or you see a very attractive business woman and think "I bet she high powered by day, but needs a good spanking at night".  It can just be fun to look around and try to figure out how people really live their lives.

The truth is most people will never know.  No mater who it is, how much money they do or don't have, or how they appear...you never know what's going on behind closed doors.  They could be exactly what you think and expect, or they could be into something you could never imagine.  Kind of falls in line with don't judge a book by it's cover.  Until you get a good glimpse inside, you will never truly know. 

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Well, here we are for round number two.  By popular request, and without any doubt, I will continue with my weekly series.  I appreciate all the positive feedback.  This actually went over with everyone better than I expected.  I have been gathering and searching for all the perfect pictures.  Now the only issue I have is which ones to post each week.  :)

One other thing before we begin.  Last week after my post, Hedone made reference to it on her blog and posted a picture of her own that she loves.  If you do happen to come across a picture that fits FAF, and you would like to submit it, then feel free to send it to me.  I'll be happy to post it for everyone to see in my next installment.  I also enjoyed, and did not really expect, the way everyone kind of voted on which was their favorite.  Maybe I'll come up with a way to vote each week, and at some point we can have a playoff of the weekly winners.  Hmmm...now my mind is turning.  LOL!  Anyway, on with the pics...


Last week Mouse requested that I should have some male eye candy for the women.  I promised I would do what I could for my female readers.  So...this is for you mouse!  :)


Sorry, I couldn't resist.  In all seriousness though, I'm working on a couples theme for next week, and will have some pictures including males that I think you will find to be more of what you had in mind.  

That's it for this week's FAF!  Feel free to comment and/or vote, and please come back next week for more!


April 28, 2010

On Being Torn...

I have nothing of substance related to D/s to write about today.  My mind is cloudy and I'm having trouble focusing.  Not literally, just having issues keeping my mind on track and what I deem as normal.  I just need to vent! 

I have been out of town for work all week.  Sometimes it's nice to get out of the office for a few days...but ts always nice to get back home as well.  There is nothing like your own bed.  Hotels get old in a hurry.

I have had a lot going on in my life lately.  Work has been busy and the pressure is building.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  I'm happy to have a great job that pays well and is secure.  This day and age, that is so important, as so many people seem to be out of work, landing in new jobs, struggling to pay the bills, and so on.

I have had a lot of things going on at home as well.  These things have been culminating over time.  It has been piling up, and the pile can only get so high before it eventually starts crashing down.  It never fails that personal issues seem to come about at the worst times.  Just like now, while I'm out of town and can do nothing about any of it.  All I can do is sit around, think, and stew over it.  Not that I could fix everything if I was home, but at least I would be on my own turf and have some better footing.  Being blindsided with personal situational problems while I'm out of town and trying to work makes me feel like I'm.......well, like I've got a gun to my head.  I feel like I'm being asked to make long term potential life altering decisions without proper time or the place to think through everything.  Like I'm being put on the spot and eing asked to make a decision now.  Being asked for yes or no answers, when the answers aren't near that simple.  There are a lot a gray areas.  I feel torn in many directions with heavy ramifications no matter what I decide or say.  ARGH!!!!!

Sorry, I don't mean to rant and carry on!  I know none of you even have a clue as to my situation, therefore making this whole post seem very unclear.  Maybe someday I'll expand and share with my following public my whole situation.  But, now is not the time.  Thanks for your understanding as you stumble through this and really have no clue what I'm taling about.  LOL! 

On a happier note...let's talk about something more fun and enjoyable.  The sentiment seems to be a resounding "YES" to continuing with "Fantastic Ass Friday".  So, I will charge forth with our lovely Friday asses.  I have been collecting some very nice options for this weeks post.  Now, I just have to sort through them and decide wich ones will mkae the cut and be posted.  As requested, I will also post a pic or so each week, as long as I can find suitable pics, that are geared more to my female readers.  See, I'm not a total dictator.  LOL!  You asked and I shall fill your request and need. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  If you find yourself drowning and needing air, come on over to my part f the pond.  I may be underwater, but I have plenty of oxygen left in the airtank that I'll be happy to share. 

April 23, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday

I think I've decided to try to do a series every Friday, called...yep, you guessed it..."Fantastic Ass Friday".  Most of my posts are fairly serious, or maybe with some light humor, so I need to do something a bit different.  I feel the need to get outside my own box a little. 

So...what better way than to share with my readers one of the things I truly love...a Fantastic Ass.  Hey, I'm a guy, what can I say.  I love a nice ass.  There's just something about it.  Mmmmm!  Having said all that, I intend to not make this truly pornographic.  I am one that enjoys pics that are more in the artistic nude category, as you should know by now if you have read or followed my blog at all.  I do realize there is a fine line between the two, so you may have to bear with me. 

All my male followers deserve a little eye candy at least once a week.  And well...some of my female followers seem to enjoy them as well.  Sounds to me like a good way to start the weekend!  If I get enough response or request, I'll post some more female oriented eye candy for my female readers.  I would love your feedback, and thoughts on this.  If I get totally shot down by you all, then so be it and I will cease before we even really get started. 

Without further ado...the first installment of "Fantastic Ass Friday".

Why does this never happen to me when I stop for gas?!?!

Everyone have a great weekend!

April 21, 2010

There's Gotta Be...

There are some of you out there who have found your perfect match.  That one person who means and is everything to you.  They are your world!  there are also some of you out there that are searching for that perfect match.  The one that you can be everything for, and they can be for you as well. 

We all want that feeling you have when you're with that special someone.  They make you feel like no one else can.  they give you butterflies in your stomach (the good kind) when you think of them.  You get excited about the simple things, like even getting a text or an email.  No one wants to be alone.  We all need someone.  So...today I'm here to offer you some hope. 

I had an email discussion with one of my readers recently.  I will respect her privacy and not name her.  The basic premise of the conversation was that she is very submissive and has needs, yet she is alone.  She is not in a relationship, she is not owned, she is not collared, she is nothing to anyone at the moment.  She truly needs a a dominant figure in her life...in her real life...to guide her and make her into all she needs to be.  I don't necessarily believe that there is one specific person, and only one, out there for us.  I do believe there are people that a a really good match for us, and will fill every void we have.  In my response to my reader, the main point I told her was to no settle for just anyone.  Don't let your need for a Dominant override your sensibility and allow you to be with someone who may not be right for you.  It is better to remain alone now, and keep searching for the right one.  Otherwise, you're apt to not make it together, and you'll be right back where tyou started down the road.  So don't settle for anyone or anything less that what you need and deserve.  It is unfair to al involved.

There is a song that I really like, and it pretty much speaks to me along these very lines.  I hope you like it as well.  One of the best lyric segments of the song is this"

"You can't give up, (when you're looking for) a diamond in the rough (cause you never know)
When it shows up, (make sure you're holding on)
Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on"

The band of which I am speaking is Nickelback.  The song is called "Gotta Be Someone" which is on the album "Dark Horse".  The video and lyrics are below.  I hope you enjoy the song, and just remember...in the words of the late Jimmy V..."Don't give up!  Don't ever give up!"

Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback (Dark Horse)

This time, I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling
The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene
Straight off the silver screen
So I'll be holding my breath, right up 'til the end
Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight
And dammit this feels too right, it's just like déja vu
Me standing here with you
So I'll be holding my breath, could this be the end?
Is it that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

You can't give up, (when you're looking for) a diamond in the rough (cause you never know)
When it shows up, (make sure you're holding on)
Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on
Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me, oh

Nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there
Nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

April 19, 2010

Let's Talk!

As I have been perusing the blogs lately, and various other places, I been noticing a theme. In some cases this is the heart of the issue, and in others it not quite as evident. Yet it is still there. I believe this to be the core of any relationship, no matter what type of relationship you have. Of what am I speaking? Communication!

A lot of what people see, or at least envision, when they think of a D/s relationship, is the Dominant person talking and the submissive person listening and/or obeying. That's it, point blank, the end. I personally don't agree with this and think that is only the tip of the iceberg.

One side of this is that a couple in a D/s relationship does adhere to the principle of "the Dom speaks, the sub listens". By its very nature, this is true. It has to be. There cannot be much wiggle room from this, or the dynamic of the relationship isn't D/s anymore. The Dominant controls his submissive. He tells her what to do and she does it. He is in charge and in control. He exacts his will upon her and she accepts that. She has given him the right to do so by giving herself to him. The Dom communicates his desires and wishes and he expects them to be followed. No questions asked and no hesitation. This is understood by a submissive, and typically she is more than happy to does as directed. She needs his direction...his control...his Dominance. That is after all why they are in this type relationship to begin with.

There is another side to this equation. As with any relationship, there must be good open communication between a Dom and his sub. I personally have always encouraged open communication. I want to know what my sub thinks, what she wants, and what she needs. I am always willing to listen to her thoughts and opinions. That doesn't mean that I will always do as she wishes, but I will listen and take it into account. How better can I, or any other Dominant, learn about our submissive. She has wants and needs that should be met, and I am not a mind reader. Well, sometimes I am, but not as a general rule. A lot of times, a Dom knows what his sub needs, even when he doesn't. He knows the direction he needs to take her, and the best way to get her there. This is his job to enable her to become the best submissive she can be.

In some of the blogs I have been reading lately, which are written by submissives, the sub has been talking about not knowing where they stand. Not knowing what they want. Not knowing how to proceed. Not knowing where to go or how to get there. Not having a clue about their relationship. This is where communication comes in. It is a must, in my opinion. There is no other way. There must be good communication for her to be able to get a grasp on the relationship...on her needs...on what she is supposed to be. Without communication, she can easily get lost, and wander around aimlessly, and feel worse in the meantime. She needs to feel heard and understood. She needs to be able to share her feelings and thoughts, without any fear of doing so, and know that her Dom will openly discuss with her as well. Knowing that he will take what he gathers from this, and use it to their mutual benefit. If they can't have a forum for sharing and talking openly, then problems loom ahead. A Dom should be more than willing to openly discuss the relationship with his sub. Talking and sharing doesn't make a Dominant any less Domly. Opening up and sharing your feelings and thoughts, does not make you less of who you feel you need to be as the partner in charge. In my opinion, it makes you more Domly by being willing to do so, willing to learn and grow together. Being willing to do so, so that both of you can be the best you can be for each other. It's king of like being in the Army..."Be all you can be". Why settle for anything less.

Communication is everything!

April 15, 2010

Ownership and Betrayal

Maybe this should be titled "Ownership and Betrayal (or lack thereof)".  I will tell you why I think this.  I saw this picture and it immediately made me think about her being owned.  Not for one moement did I think about the land or actual physical real estate to which I'm sure the sign is referring. 

Maybe I'm a bit off center with my thinking.  Maybe the rest of the world is. I don't know.  But when you are in this lifestyle and you are a Dominant, you look at your submissive or slave as your property, eventually anyway.  She has committed herself to you and you own her.  She has given you the most precious thing possible...herself.  She belongs to you and no one else.  She is yours and yours alone to do with as you so choose.  OK, OK, at least within reason, but that's a whole other discussion.  This is not something you can go out and purchase like any other piece of property.  It's not on the shelf at the supermarket.  You can't get it at Wal-Mart.  you can't order it online.  (ok well maybe you can, but...)  So how does a Dominant come to own a submissive.  YOU EARN IT!  You earn the right to her.  You earn a place in her heart and soul.  This is something that money can't buy.   

So...as usual this got me to thinking.  I consider ownership of a sub to be very simialr to marriage.  Whether you wear a ring or have a formal ceremony makes no difference.  It is the devotiona dn commitment to each other that makes the relationship what it is.  When my mind gets on a subject and it flows here there and everywhere.  Not necessarily in an effort to cover all the angles and possibilities.  It just happens to roam around on it's own picking pieces up here and there.  If you look at traditional relationships and marriages, they come and go.  Divorce rates seem to be as high as ever.  People are having affairs much more commonly these days.  And, this is not just men, but women as well.  Just look at all the websites dedicated to sex, swingers, affairs, etc...  there is even a well known site, Ashley Madison, which is specifically geared towards married people looking for something on the side. 

If we look back at a D/s relationship, you just don't seem to have quite the issues as a traditional relationship, as far as affairs and sneaking around.  Maybe I'm naive and blind.  It is possible!  But they don't seem to be near as prevalent, and you don't hear about it much, whether it's on these blogs, on other boards, or wherever.  I'm not saying that these relationships don't end and last forever.  So do and some don't.  Yet, the style of relationship, the intensity, the level of commitment and time, and the level of mental and emotional involvement seem to lend itself to being a bit more affair proof.  Betrayal of what is the basis of everything in the relationship does not show it's head very ofetn, at least in my opinion.  This could be due to more open communication, and deeper feeling of commitment, and much more being at stake.

Maybe the vanilla world should take a look at BDSM relationships and take notice.  Maybe they could learn a thing or two about what it takes to have a deeply involved relationship.  Maybe I'm totally off base and wrong in this entire post.  Yet, it does appear to me that the ownership of a sub and the lack of betrayal in these relationships seem to be correlated, at least on some level. 

What do you think?  What are your thoughts?  Am I wrong?  Tell me your opinion!

April 13, 2010

To be...

Isn't this what we all ultimately want and need?!?!

I'm Just Saying! (Celebrity Sex Scandals)

I'm going to venture away from my normal style of post this time.  I know, I know, but we all have to change things up every once in a while.  Today I'm going to take a look at a couple of people that we all (or most people) know.  They have been involved over the past year or two in some scandals that have had a big impact of their respective sport, and in some cases their family.  Yet, let's look at it from a totally new new and different angle.  Maybe there are reasons behind it that my readers will understand, but typical folks may not.  Let's look at why they did what they did, or at least a plausible reason behind their activity.

First up...you guessed it...Tiger Woods!

By now I think everyone in the world is familiar with Tiger and his escapades.  He has a Swedish Supermodel for a wife, and yet he had countless affairs with other women.  What would bring a guy, who makes $100 million  year and has a wife like that, to step out on her and seek a sexual relationship with another woman?  Some of the women may have been very attractive, and some, well, maybe not so much.  It didn't seem to me to be women that just happened to fall in his lap and he had a one time fling. 

Apparently he was missing something at home.  My opinion...I'm going to take a stab and say his wife is too vanilla for him.  I think he wanted to spank her and she said no.  I think he wanted to tie her up and she said no.  I think he wanted to humiliate her and she said no.  I think he wanted to control her orgasms and she said no.  So what's a guy to do?!?!  Apparently you go find a woman that will let you do all the things you enjoy and need to do. 

I'm just saying! 

Next on our list is.....Ben Roethlisberger!

For those that may not be familiar with him, he is the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team of the NFL.  Ben is pretty well known in the sports world.  A couple of years ago he ran into a situation where he was accused of sexual assault.  Sexual Assault can be defined as any unwanted act of a sexual nature that is imposed on another person.  This doesn't necessarily include rape, or forcible sex with another person.  Charges were never filed criminally, but there is an ongoing civil suit in regards to that case.  Anyone can end up in a bad situation or get falsely accused of such an act.  Maybe you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.  Here's the problem!  He has again been accused of sexual assault on a woman.  I'm different woman and different location.  I'm begining to see a patern of behavior here.  Charges are not being filed once again, for lack of evidence.  Yet, where smoke keeps appearing, thee's probably a fire nearby.

So why does Ben keep ending up in these situations?  My opinion...Ben likes rough sex.  Maybe Ben even likes BDSM play.  I think he was trying to spank the women, control the women, make demands on them, take what he thought was his, tie them up, and possibly even punish them for not listening to him.  Don't get me wrong...I DO NOT believe in unwanted touching or sexual advances on a woman.  That is not what this lifestyle is about.  Yet, is it plausible that Ben either got the wrong message from a woman, or just tried to use his celebrity power to take what he wanted, the way he wanted.  Ben could be into a lot of what we in this lifestyle are into.  He just happen to try to act it out wrongly, or picked a vanilla woman that didn't apreciate it.

I'm just saying!

Is it possible that high profile figures such as these two guys are into the lifestyle?  Is it possible that they have needs similar to the rest of us?  Is it possible they enjoy the power, control, and ownership over another person?  We'll probably never know, but....

I'm just saying!!!

April 11, 2010

Broken? I think Not!

Do you look in the mirror and see a clear picture of yourself?  Do you see yourself as broken?  Incomplete?  Hollow?  Confused?  Ugly?

Having dealt with a couple of newly self-discovered submissives, and talked with others, these are questions that can be very hard for them to answer.  There is no clear cut direction for them and they can feel lost and as though they are wandering about aimlessly.  The good part is that most submissives in this position find themselves under the direction of a Dominant, Master or Mentor.  They have someone to guide them long the journey they now find themselves traveling.  This is a great situation for a new submissive.  She will need a caring hand.  Someone to lead her down the path of enlightenment.  Someone that can keep her on the line and from straying.  Someone that can support her mentally and emotionally through this drastically changed time of her life. 

Some submissives however, find they are alone and not knowing how to deal with the feelings they have.  The reason they are alone is not that important.  The fact is that they are alone.  Many submissives know they have felt different their whole life. They have always felt submissive to others, not necessarily in a sexual sense, but have never really understood the feelings they have, or why.  This can be a very confusing time.  She is feeling the pull to be who and what she is, yet this can be contradictory to everything she has been told her whole life.  How to behave, what is expected of her, how a lady should act, to be a self-supportive independent woman, etc...  Nonetheless, she has the need to serve.  She has the need to be controlled.  She has the need to be used.  She has a need to be owned.  She has a need to feel some sexual freedom and be the slut she so needs to be.  She has strong sexual urges and fantasies that are far from the lady she has been taught to be by her upbringing and society. 

One of the hardest aspects to overcome on her new journey is acceptance.  Not just acceptance...but self-acceptance.  She must accept the fact that this is who she is.  She must accept that fact that it is alright to feel what she is feeling.  She must accept the fact that it is alright to think the thoughts that she does.  She must accept the fact that she needs to feel the control of another person.  That she needs to be used and know that she is pleasing to the person in control.  That she has strong sexual urges that need to be fulfilled.  This can be a very difficult step to take.  Yet...once she takes it and accepts who she is and needs to be, it can be the biggest weight off her shoulders she has ever felt.  She can feel more free than she has ever felt.  She is free to be herself and cease the internal battle of show she is versus who she thinks she is expected to be. 

Once she can look in the mirror and see herself for who she is, then she has taken a giant step forward.  Once she looks at herself and doesn't see herself as broken, and is not ashamed of what she sees, then she can not only be all she hopes to be for herself, but for another person.  This is an internal tug-of-war that can be hard to overcome.  However, once she does, she can feel good about spreading her wings and taking flight. 

Broken?  I think Not!

April 9, 2010

I Won't Lie, I Wish That I...

This post will be a bit off the normal topic for me, but, hey...we have to vary things a little bit, now don't we?!?!  LOL!

I grew up as a child of the 80's.  Ok, well...that was my teen and high school years anyway.  From time to time you will see me post about music and lyrics.  Music, whatever your taste, has a big influence on us all.  It can bring out raw emotions like nothing else.  You can hear a song you know and it will always remind you about a time in your life, good or bad.  In my day, it was all about big hair bands.  One band has stood the test of time, and is just as strong today as they were in the 80's.  They have quite an empire, and sell out stadiums no matter where they go...Bon Jovi.

The reason for all this is I heard one of their newer songs on my way into work today.  I really liked it and the chorus is what really got to me.

Who's going to save you
When the stars fall from your sky
And who's going to pull you in
When the tide gets too high
Who's going to hold you
When you turn out the lights
I won't lie I wish that I
Could be your superman tonight

The song is "Superman Tonight" and is on the album "The Circle".  In case you'd like to listen to it, here is the video:

We all have songs that have a special meaning to us.  They remind us of a special time, place, or person.   Without music this would be a boring place.  Enjoy the music that moves you and brings special meaning to your life, just like that special person you can't live without.

April 8, 2010

The Body Doesn't Lie

This post is directed more at new subs than established one, but I think many of us can relate.

I had a discussion with a woman last night abut her desires and experiences in the BDSM world. Well, she hadn't had much experience or exposure to it, but what she did have she loved. She has only been involved in one relationship, if you even want to call it that, where this type play was acted out. It really wasn't even a D/s relationship, as much as the guy she was seeing liked to dominate her sexually. The main problem for her was that she was pushed way too far, way to fast, and she had to end the relationship with this gentleman, for fear of her own safety. I did congratulate her for having the strength to stand up for herself and know what was best.

Having given you some of the background, it is not really the point of this. During our conversation, she mentioned several times about her being scared and/or nervous during their play. Not for fear of safety, but fear of the unknown. Not having been involved before, she had no life experience in this arena and no idea of what to expect or how to handle things, mentally, emotionally, or physically. One thing she said to me really stuck out...how wet she got during play.

This was new to her. She had never experienced play of this intensity. Yet, it did not matter whether there was pleasure or pain involved...the intensity and anticipation made her wetter than she had ever been. I told her, that in my experience, this is a mark of a true submissive.

"The body doesn't lie!" You may fight against him, you may not be sure of the activity, you may say that you aren't into the stinging pain...but when your pussy is drenched more than ever before, then subconsciously this turns you on and excites you, even if you don't know it will. Maybe it's the actual physical nature of the situation, maybe is the mental. It could be the excitement of the feeling of his control, his dominance, your own submission. Regardless, the body doesn't lie. It's a natural response that you can't help or control. Your mouth may be saying no, but your pussy is screaming yes at the top of its lungs. Now don't get me wrong with that statement. I do not at all condone or support non-consensual activities (ie: rape or sexual assault). My intention is to point out that it may be new, you may be nervous, or even a bit scared, but your body will tell the real story.

This lifestyle is not for everyone. Some women would never get turned on by the activities we all love so much. That is perfectly fine. But, for those that do, or more so those that are wondering, this could be your own self-test. No matter how you feel, does it turn you on? Do you feel it between your legs? Do you get wetter than ever? Then this could be just what you need.

The Body Doesn't Lie!

April 6, 2010

No Need For Words

I gathered up a few pictures lately that realy have a great sense of menaing to me.  I think they will for my readers and followers as well.  They are self-explanatory, and I have no need to discuss them like some of the ones we have done before.  Yet, don't let that stop you.  Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.  I only mean that there is not a lot of room for multiple angles in which to view these.  I'm always happy to banter back and forth if you so wish.  :)


April 5, 2010


As he approached her from behind, she heard such sweet words in her ear.  "Go upstairs, get undressed, and get into your position and wait.  I'll be there shortly!"  These are the words she needed to hear.  She loved being in her position of servitude, barenaked on her knees waiting for him.  But what would he do?  How would she get to serve him today?  What does he have in store for her?  It doesn't really matter...she belongs to him and he is free to do watever he likes.  She knows this...she loves it...she lives for it. 

As the previous little snippet eludes to, her waiting for him, and all the thoughts that run through her head while doing so, builds and builds the anticipation she has for this moment.  She gets that nervous wrench in her stamoch, yet it excites her.  She loves to serve and be his pet for whatever he likes.  But she can't help bu to wonder what is to come...what is to be of her this time.  As a Dom, I love this.  Anticipation is a great mind game that will always be in play, whether it is intended or not.  there is no way around it. 

Anticipation can come or be caused  from several different situations.  One is teasing, which is one of my favorites.  Telling my sub "I have plans for you", followed by a slight chuckle under my breath, will immediately send her mind into wonder and anticipation.  "I'm going to take you places and make you feel things you need, and maybe even places and feelings you have yet to experience".  She knows what all could be involved, but what will actually be involved only HE knows.  The building of the tension, the excitement of what could be, the nervousness.  Most subs love this feeling.  Even though it may make them a bit scared and apprehensive, it excites them to no end as well.  She will feel the throb between her legs, she will get wet with excitement, her nipples will harden, her pulse will race, the adrenaline with be pumping.  She knows he is about to claim his stake on her, and she needs and wants nothing else but that. 

Another form of anticipation is knowing what is coming ahead of time.  Maybe it is something she wants, and maybe it is not.  Yet, that anticipation of what will be will keep building within her, right up to the moment it comes to fruition.  It could be something she loves, and can't wait for it to happen, or it could be punishment and she can't wait to get it over with.  Either way, the anticipation of knowing it is coming will build excitement and tension within her. 

A Dom can be filled with anticipation as well.  Although, most of the time he knows what is coming and in store for their activities.  Still, he can be just as excited about what he will be doing with his sub, and feel the anticipation build of what is forthcoming.  The excitement of the aniticpation is just as fun and arousing for him.  In my opinion, if he doesn't get excited about what he is going to do, then he has lost his edge.  What's the point if you're not excited and wanting to perform? 

Anticipation runs rampant in a D/s relationship.  It is engrained in it so deeply that it will never be lost.  It is a natural part of the establishment.  The anticipation itself can be the high at times.  Feel the excitemnt, the nervouseness, the tension the adrenaline, and enjoy the way it affects you. 

Feel the "Anticipation".

April 3, 2010

It's Time For A Spanking

I have read a lot of posts lately, and even not so lately, about spanking, both from a Dominant's side and a submissive's side.  I got to thinkng about how much a part of this lifestyle spanking seems to be, either for pleasure or punishment.  Spanking also really seems to diffrentiate those in this lifestyle from those in the vanilla world.  For the purposes of this post, I am lumping all ass attention into one category of spanking (actual spanking, either by hand or implement, whipping, caning, belting, etc...)

From a Dominant's perspective, I think he feels he needs to exert his power and control.  Sometimes this is done through punishment, and sometimes because he can.  A Dom needs to be able to push the limits of his sub, while allowing her to feel the control he has over her.  A Dom needs to be able to exert his prowess and keep his sub in line.  Spanking is a physical activity in which he can inflict controlled pain, to an area that will not cause great bodily injury or long lasting wounds.  Yet, most of the time he doesn't do it strictly for the aspect of pain itself, although he does at times.  It's more of the mental aspect and ensuring his sub feels his control and knows her place.  He does it for her!  He does it because he needs to do it for her, and she needs it.  He needs to feel her submission and that she is completely his.

(I love the goosebumps all over her.)

From another perspective, I have read so many times lately in posts by submissives, how they NEED spankings.  When a sub gets out of line, she feels she needs to feel her Dom's power and control in punishment.  Sometimes she will purposely push his limits just to test where the line in the sand is, and to make sure he is in control and will stand behind what he says.  I have read several different posts lately about subs saying how much they really need a spanking NOW.  They feel out of kilter, and need to feel the cpower and control, by physical manifestation of their Dom, to feel balanced and in place...to feel get back to feeling like the sub that she is and needs to be.

Spanking is something that the vanilla world does not understand.  To them it is something fun to do every so often, if ever, just in fun or in the moment.  They do not understand the control, submissiveness, and the pain apects that are needed in this lifetsyle.  To a lot of the vanilla world it is abuse.  They do not like it, agree with it, or want any part of it.  For them...that is perfectly fine.  They are welcome to conduct their lives the way they see fit.  But...do not judge those of us in this lifestyle and the way we conduct ourselves and our activities.  We have needs and reasons for doing what we do.  One should not mock or put down what he does not understand. 

Spanking is an essential part of this lifestyle.  It is needed by both Doms and subs.  It is deeply engrained in our lifestyle and an integral part of the dynamic of a D/s relationship. 

Happy Spanking!!!