September 26, 2012

You're Welcome...

You’re Welcome…

For opening you up to be able to share with me and let me know where you are mentally and emotionally and what you are needing from me.

For being able to feel yourself being controlled and Dominated in the ways you need most. 

For being shown you can take and enjoy the pain and sting from my hand, or whatever implement I choose to use on you. 

For being made, even if for just a few minutes, to get lost in that pain and sting, and be made to let go and give into it, taking you to a place of peace and serenity. 

For being able to feel the strength I have and am giving to you to make you stronger. 

For being able to feel your own place with me and all of who you need to be for me. 

For being able to look deep within yourself to find the need to endure what I inflict upon you. 

For being able to discover within yourself, as you take all that I give, the arousal that builds uncontrollably and the wetness that begins to pour from your depths. 

For helping you discover an arousal like no other, and one you can feel only for me in being treated the way you need most. 

For making you feel things and in ways no one else has ever made you feel, even when on the surface it may seem wrong.

For being able to give yourself to me like you never have to anyone else so you can feel the sensations and in the ways you need to feel them, that are so lovely and intense for you. 

For being able to go through your day while having the reminder of me taking you in such a way, as you feel it with every move, and every time you sit down on the flesh that has been lovingly tormented by me. 

For being able to give you a clear reminder that shoots through your body, brain, and heart telling you exactly who you belong to and you wouldn't want it any other way.

For helping you find yourself and bring it into the light…your true self that has been purposely kept deep inside and hidden, and now has allowed you to not only let it out, but to embrace every part of it. 

For giving you all this you are welcome.  And thank you for allowing me the pleasure to show you this path and for all you give to me that allows me to be all this for you.  


September 24, 2012

Where's Waldo?!?!

Thank you to those that have written to me and checked to make sure I am ok.  It was very sweet for you to be concerned.  I can assure you, as I have been asked, that I:

1. Didn't fall off the edge the earth.
2. I wasn't attacked by a wild and rabid southern animal and died from it.
and my favaorite...
3. I didn't succumb to the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse.  LOL!

There are several factors for my not being around as much.  Partly because of life.  Yes, life gets in the way of things sometimes.  But, you all wouldn't know anything about that would you?!?! 

Secondly, I have had brain freeze for a while on writing.  Or...maybe it's I have had too much on my mind and can't get it formulated into coherent thoughts enough to get it on paper (so to speak).  Whatever the case, it haven't been able to write.  I can't just write for the sake of writing.  I need my thoughts in order.  So, unfortunately, you all sit there anxiously waiting for my brain to unlock only to wake up once again to nothing.  Well, maybe that last part was a bit over-dramatized.  LOL! 

Anyway, I am still around, and hope to be putting pen to paper again very soon.  Thanks for all the well wishes and checking in on me.  It means a lot.  :)


September 13, 2012

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

I hope everyone has had a great week.  Last week's winner is posted to the right, as usual.  Thanks to everyone that has voted and continues to stop by each and every week.

I haven't done this for a while, and since I have to keep all my lady fans happy and interested this week you get...drum roll please...ahhh the anticipation...and...YES!!!  It's Male Ass Week for all you Ladies! For all the guys (heterosexual ones anyway), shut-up and leave me alone. The ladies need some nice asses to view as well, and we all know that we have to keep the ladies happy or no one is happy.  :)

I hope you all enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!







September 7, 2012

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to the first FAF of September 2012.  Last week's winner is posted to the right.

For those that have sent me messages and wondered where I have been and why I haven't been writing...well, it just hasn't hit me.  I'm not one to write just to write.  I have to have an idea and something I feel I would like to share and touch on.  I just haven't had that inspiration lately.  Life has been crazy and I have been busy.  I haven't even had much time to look at pics and update my tumblr blog.  You know you're busy when you can't even fit your porn into your schedule.  LOL!  Anyway, thanks for your concerns, and I am doing well.  A post topic will strike me soon I'm sure.  And when it does, you can assured that I will share with you all.

In the are still getting FAF, so stop your complaining.  ;)
BTW - for all you northern U.S. and Michigan fans...ROLL TIDE!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!