September 30, 2010

I'm Back!

I would like to thank everyone that sent a note or comment over the past few days.  I appreciate your concern and well wishes.  I hope to get back to normal and get all this behind me.  I'm feeling better and much less stressed.  Still not sure about my mother-in-law.  There are still pending issues there, but may be a few days before we know anything further. 

I know what you all were really thinking this week...

"We are sorry for your loss and your stress and wish you the best, but PLEASE come back for FAF!!!" 

Never fear!  I wouldn't leave you hanging if I could at all help it.  We had another close race last week with picture #4 sneaking away with a win.  I can't argue with that picture winning.  It was a tough decision last week. 

I have this week's pictures lined up and ready to go. 

I also have some ideas in the works for some more regular posts, so they will be forth-coming as well. 

I hope everyone has had a good week! 

Take care!

September 27, 2010


  Today I'm going to do something I don't typically do...I'm going to vent to you all and hope it makes me feel better.  Rarely, do I mention or air out on here what is happening in my personal life, but today I will.  I'm just stressed and it's only getting worse.  I'm the type of person that is calculated and always has a plan.  When things get out of sorts, it's not something I can help, and then it keeps piling on, well...I get stressed.  Just part of my personality and the way I am.  It usually isn't ever as bad as I make it out to be.  But, it's stressing me none the less.

I got word early Saturday morning that  my grandfather had passed away.  It's not a surprise, as he has been ill for a long time, but still it is hard.  So, I've been dealing with that the past few days.  Trying to schedule to get to the services, where I'm supposed to be when, helping plan things, making notifications, etc...  you know, all that fun stuff you have to deal with when someone dies.  So, right now I'm having to plan our trip Tuesday morning, for a 4+ hour drive, get the family dropped off, drive across Atlanta to the airport to pick up family, and be there by 3:00.  Have you ever driven around Atlanta?  NIGHTMARE!!!  Especially knowing I'll be coming back through it in rush hour traffic. 

Then this morning, my wife's mother, who has been sick for a while now, is having an emergency appt with her Doctor, because she is only getting worse.  So, my wife is taking off up there today, another 3 hours away, to see about her mother.  I have to leave work, get daughter to school, go back to work, go pick her back up and to the babysitter, go back to work, then pick her up on my way home.  Knowing she won't have had her normal nap, and will be tired and ill by this evening.  there is a chance wife may not be back tonight, so may have to get me and her packed and dealt with so we can leave in the morning. 

It just seems to be one thing after another.  I just have to remind myself, it's really not that bad, and there is always much worse.  I had planned on getting back to some regular posts this week, but that's not going to happen.  Hopefully I will be back or able to get Friday's picks together and posted.  If not, then you know why.  Sorry for making you read this, and venting my issues to bore you all with.  I hope you all have a much better week than mine is shaping up to be! 

September 24, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Well, our first week with voting went very nicely, I thought.  A nice amount of votes, and even had to have a runoff to see who the winner was.  We had a nice amount of votes for the runoff as well.  In case you missed it, #2 from the runoff won for the week.  I hope everyone continues to come by and vote each week.  Tell all your friends and let them vote too.  I mean who wouldn't want to see and vote for a nice ass?!?!  I plan on keeping up with the winners each week.  At some point we will have a playoff and decide an "Overall Most Fantastic Ass".'s on with this week's pics.  I hope you all enjoy this week's choices, and please cast you vote for your favorite!  Everyone have a great weekend and may you get some ass of your own to make it more enjoyable.  On with the pics!!!








September 22, 2010

FAF Voting - A Runoff

I would like tho thank everyone that voted for last week's FAF favorite picture.  We ended up with 26 total votes.  It was a close race and we did have a tie between two of the pics.  So...we are going to have a 1 day vote to decide the winner.  The poll will close at noon central time on Thursday, September 23.  Vote for your favorite of these two and we will decide a winner.  Thanks again for all your votes and comments.

The vote off will involve these two pics!  Cast your vote in the upper right sidebar of my blog.  May the best ass win!



September 17, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

As my post from yesterday indicated, we now how voting available for your favorite Friday ass.  The vote is in the upper right side bar.  I ask that you only vote once and you can only choose one.  This had been suggested, and I had thought about it as well.  My readers have spoken, so....let the voting begin and let the people speak.  The voting each week will close at 11:59 PM Central time on Tuesday.  If there is a bonus pic for the week, it will not be included in the voting. 

I'm using a theme of partially clad women this week.  I don't think it's fair to the models, and the voting, to have one partially covered, and another showing all.  Therefore, I'm trying to keep things on a level playing field. 

Without further are the Fatastic Friday Asses.







Last week I did a bonus picture of the hot fireman for you ladies.  This week I'll give you another fireman, with a little ass thrown in as well.  :)


September 16, 2010

Let The People Speak

If you are a regular visitor to my humble little part of cyberspace here in blogland, you know that every Friday is...well, it's Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF).  Just a little something to get your weekend going and give you some nice asses to view to get your blood pumping. 

After some consideration, and comments that have been left where followers choose their favorite picture of the week, I have decided to make it a bit more fun.  I know a lot of people view FAF and never leave comments.  So, I'm going to try to get more people involved and see what everyone thinks of the pics each week. 

Beginning Friday, September 17, 2010, I will be putting up a poll on my sidebar to allow people to vote for their favorite ass of the week on the six pics I put up.  If I do a bonus pic, that will not be included in the voting.  This is just for fun, but I do ask that you only vote once, so we can all see with some accuracy how it turns out and what all the viewers like.  This should be fun and I look forward to seeing how it goes!

Until tomorrow...take care everyone!

September 15, 2010

Wednesday Humor

This is exactly like something I would say...whether I actually had done it or not.  This is too good!

I Know...

I know who you are.  I know more about you than anyone ever has.  I know a side of you no one has ever seen.  I know your deepest darkest hidden desires.  I know the slut you desire to be...need to be...long to be.  I know your need to serve...your need to be controlled...your need to obey.  I know your need to have no choice.  I know what you feel.  I know your ache.  I know what I do to you and how your body and mind react.  I know you!

You can hide from the rest of the world if you choose.  You can act the way you think you should in front of everyone else.  In front of me?  Not a chance.  Take off the mask.  You can't hide from me.  I see you and know who you are...what you are.  I see into your soul the way no one ever has.  In a place no one else has ever even been given a glimpse.  You have kept yourself hidden in the dark.  Not with me.  I am showing you the light.  Showing you all you can and need to be.  I am shining a bright light on all that you are.  You can stay in the dark for everyone else.  Not for me.  I won't allow it. 

You will make yourself vulnerable to me.  You will open yourself up for me.  You will hand me all that you are and let me show you the way and guide you down the path of discovery.  You will allow yourself to feel like never before.  You will open your mind to the possibilities.  You will feel the freedom was over you.  A freedom from your own self-imposed prison.  A freedom from the walls you have built to keep everyone out.  Not me!  you can't keep me out.  I will climb them...burst my way through them...huff and puff and blow them down.  I have full access.  As much as that scares you, that is what you want me to have.  To see all of you for who you are.  The rewards are worth the risk. 

Take off the mask, as you can no longer hide.  Come into the light where I am waiting.  I am waiting for you.  And I promise to take care of you and protect you with the valor and courage of a great knight.  I promise you won't regret it!

September 10, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have all had a good week.  It's been a holiday shortened one here, but has been crazy busy.  Glad to see the weekend is upon us.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and as usual, I'm here trying to get you started off with some fantastic asses.  I don't have any male asses for you this week.  However, since I care about my female followers...I threw in a little bonus picture for you at the end.  Don't let it ever be said that I didn't cater to your needs. 

On with the show!!!!!!



September 9, 2010

So So Bad

This was so funny and stupid I just had to share it!  LOL!

September 8, 2010


Feelings!  Not the physical kind, but those of an emotional level.  We all have them in so many ways about so many things.  When it comes to TTWD, also known in my world as D/s, feelings can be very intense.  In my experience, feeling can be much more intense in a D/s situation than most people realize.  Those that are involved in this understand this.  Those that are not involved in this, have a hard time understanding it.  Those just becoming involved in it, seem to underestimate the power of the feelings involved.

When starting out in D/s, there are many things, situations and activities that are discussed.  Talking can only take you so far.  For so many aspects of D/s, you really can't get a grasp of it totally until you have actually experienced it.  The feelings involved are definitely one of those aspects.  A Dominant can discuss with his sub, or potential sub, about how intense feelings can become.  About how intense being together in this manor can be.  About how when things perfectly line up, and you find the "one" for you, how intense the feelings for each other can be.  Until they begin to actually experience it, and get away from just talking about it, it is very hard for a sub to really comprehend how it will be.

For many people, Doms and subs alike, they may have never been in a position to have feelings like this before.  They may have never allowed themselves to be open enough to feel like this before.  Maybe they have wanted it, but they have never found the right person to be able to give them what they really need, enabling them to open up and feel like this.  Whatever the case, once it happens, it is hard to prepare for it before you begin to have these intense feelings for your partner.  It can catch many people off guard.  In reality, it can be so different than anything they have felt before, that what they are feeling and experiencing in their mind scares the hell out of them.  They are afraid of what they are feeling and want to run and hide.  There is a sense of being too vulnerable.  There is a sense of being too exposed.  There is a sense of nothing good can come of this, and that the only possible ending to it is being hurt.  Most of the time this is because of past experience with a partner, or not having been through this before, and feeling so open that they just can't deal with it.

This is where trust and open communication become so vitally important.  It is a must to be able to talk this through with your partner.  As a Dom, I feel I have to show my sub that it is ok to feel this way. It is natural for these feelings to develop.  Most importantly, that I am in no way here to hurt you or cause you any psychological or emotional damage.  Trust is developed over time.  A person can't demand it.  It is over time that you will see that my actions back up my words.  That I am here to care for you, protect you, and guide you to what is best for you.  It serves me no purpose to take you down a road of destruction.  I am here to show you the way to new and better things.  I am here to show you how great this can be.  I am here to help you see and feel things in a way you never thought you could, or even knew you could.

Most people that are afraid of what they are feeling do so because it is new, and they don't understand it.  Yet, deep down they do like what they are feeling and know that it is something very special.  A door has been opened for them to a whole new world.  A world that maybe they have been searching for their entire lives.  We all get in our comfort zone, and can be afraid to step out of it.  But, only in stepping out of it and into new territory can we grow and progress.  If you stand still, you can't move become static...and you will never go anywhere other than where you are right now.  Is that what you really want?  Is that what you really want to settle for being?  I don't think so!  I think a sub wants to be able to step through that door and have what is waiting on the other side.  With some care, love and reassurance, she can see how great things can be.  That her fears may have been a bit over-thought.

It is hard to try and to look for something that may not exist, which would cause anyone to lose hope.  But when you do find it...when you find that special person and those special feelings...even if it is scary, aren't you glad you have a guiding hand to hold onto to show you the way.  A hand that will protect you the best it can and be there for you.  One that wants nothing but to make this adventure the best it can be.  You may be frightened...scared...afraid...or even terrified.  I think the only thing worse than that is the thought of giving it up when it's everything you have ever wanted.  Finding what you have always wanted and needed, only to give up and walk away because it seems scary to you?  To me that is more frightening than facing the feelings, accepting them, and taking a chance on a wonderful and beautiful relationship. 

Don't be afraid!  Here is my hand. Take it in yours!  Hold onto me and together we can face this journey.  Together we can make it everything we have ever wanted.  All you have to do is let me show you the way.  Let me show you that your trust in me is worth every once you have.  I won't let you down!

September 7, 2010

It Stuck With Me...

I saw this picture, and something about it just stuck with me.  I absolutely love it!  It has a quality about it that I love!  So...being the kind, caring, and sharing person I am, i thought I would share it with all of faithful followers and readers.  If you're not one of those, and just happen to be stopping by for a visit, then welcome.  Come in and sit down for a while.  You just might like what you find.

September 3, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Just for my female followers, I threw in some more female friendly eye candy for you this week.  Not that you have seemed to mind the candy I normally throw at you, but I thought you deserved a special treat this week!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Especially since most of us have a Monday holiday, which means a nice long weekend.  May you get, or give as the case may be, all the spankings you need and deserve.  Happy Labor Day everyone!