August 30, 2010

Melting of an Ice Princess

She came to me in search of something she thought she wanted.  Something she had been fighting within herself, and could not fight the battle any longer.  She had to know...had to find out...had to feel it to see if this really was her.  There was only one problem....she was a self-defined Ice Princess.

She was a very sexual person and didn't deny her sexual desires and seductiveness.  She knew she could find a man to sate her sexual desires without a problem.  Yet, she refused to feel.  She refused to let anyone inside.  All her life she had been treated as though she was an object, and this had become normal to her.  If she even thought about letting someone inside, she only felt as though she would be hurt.  So she wrapped herself tightly in the walls of ice she had built around her and refused to feel the warmth someone else could show her.  She refused to let the ice melt and feel vulnerable to what could be.

When she stepped into my world she didn't realize she was stepping into a blazing inferno.  She knew what she was looking for and what it might mean, but she didn't fully realize what she was getting herself into.  It didn't take her long to figure it out, though, and as leery as she was, she began to let the ice slowly melt.  She could see the possibilities.  She knew this is what she wanted, and saw that I was not there to harm her.  She longed for the attention and affection she had been without for so long.  She longed to feel wanted and desired, yet cared for and protected.  More than anything she needed to feel appreciated for who she is...all of her and not just her looks and sexuality.  She needed to feel a connection and someone that was interested in all of her and everything about her.  It was made clear to her from day one that she would have to open up.  That she would have to share her thoughts and feelings.  That she would not be allowed to hide behind her looks, her wit, and her smartass comments.  She quickly figured this out about me.  She couldn't get by with what she had all these years.  She had never met anyone like me, and it had her off balance. 

I intrigue her to the bone, and make her want to come closer.  I know things about her, without her even telling me, and that scares her, yet is enjoyed.  I can guide her down the road she needs, and even the ones she doesn't know she needs.  She is slowly beginning to see the paths to the light she has sheltered herself from for so long.  She has no choice.  If she wants to be here and go down this road of guidance and self-discovery, she must open up.  She must allow herself to feel.  She must give in to the mental and emotional side of her existence.  The more she does, the more she enjoys it.  She can see that I have no intention of hurting her and using her vulnerability against her.  If she will allow herself to feel and step into my fire, she can be more free and enjoy that freedom more than she ever imagined.  More than she ever thought she would or could.  All her experiences before were strictly of the flesh.  Now she was beginning to see how wonderful she can be and feel when she allows the ice wall to melt and let her mind and emotions open to new pleasures. 

She needed it..she wanted it...she wanted to be able to give herself to me completely in every facet.  But could she...could she open up to someone this much?  Could she give up the control she has had and hidden behind for so long?  She thinks "What is he doing to me?"  "Why do I feel this way?"  "Why do I have to have this and let him in?"  She knows all the answers to her own questions.  She just has to be willing to look in the mirror and accept this.  She just has to be willing to accept me. 

Th Ice Princess is melting.  Slowly, but she is melting.  The further into my fire she walks, the more the ice goes back to it's liquid state and sheds from her.  She has the fear of giving herself to someone.  She has the fear of the vulnerability.  She has the fear of being hurt by letting someone actually know her deeply and see inside her soul.  But worse than any of those...she has the fear of not knowing what I can do for her, and how I can make her feel.  She fears being trapped in the wall of ice more than exposing herself.  So, she continues to walk further and further into the fire, knowing that she she is becoming more and more exposed with every step, as the heat surrounding her builds and melts that wall even more. 

Bare yourself to me and keep walking.  Don't look back and try to find safety behind the remaining walls.  Feel the warmth you gain with every step and know that you are safe, cared for, and appreciated.  Take my hand and walk into my fire.  Melt away your inhibitions and let me show you what can be.  I think you'll find it's everything you always needed. 

August 28, 2010

Bring Yourself...

Bring yourself to me!  Offer yourself to me!  Embrace the need to feel me over you. 
To feel my feel your submission.  Get lost in feeling me claim you and take you!
Meld your entire being with mine.  Become all mine!  Feel like only I can make you feel!

August 27, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

I have no words of wisdom this week.  No great words of encouragement.  No real smartass comments.  Well, ok...I can always come up with a smartass comment.  Anyway, for my faithful Friday followers, here is your weekly fix.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


August 26, 2010

Is It Your Destiny?

I was in the car yesterday driving down the road, and heard a song i haven't heard in a long time.  As I do with many things these days, when I hear a song I naturally try to apply it to my life (which usually revolves around D/s in some sort of thinking).  Some of you probably know this already from some of the songs and lyrics I have previously posted.  The song I heard was "I'll Be Over You"  by Toto.  the song itself does not apply here, but the first verse does:

Some people live their dreams
Some people Close their eyes
Some peoples destiny
Passes by

When I heard this it immediately made me think of D/s and TTWD.  I have read about, followed and talked with a lot of subs who have come out of the closet, so to speak.  They realized that this is a part of them they couldn't deny any longer.  This was an interest and a need for them and they had to investigate further.  When they did, what they found was...well, themselves.  They finally were seeing and figuring out who they really are and need to be.  They realize that they aren't a freak for having these feelings and there is a reason behind it.  They are finally seeing, many times after a lot of years, that this is their destiny.  It's who they are and they can no longer fight it.  They feel more free in finding this, accepting it, and embracing it, then maybe they have felt in their entire life. 

I won't say this is exclusive to a submissive.  I think there are Dominants that feel the same way and have the same revelations.  I would put myself in that category.  I always knew I was a bit more dominant n the bedroom.  It wasn't until I came across some information and began reading and researching, that I really discovered more about myself.  And now...well I'm a work in progress.

So the it all comes down to this.  Will you live your dreams?  Will you accept who you are and enjoy that in it's entirety?  Or...Will you keep ignoring it, close your eyes, and let life pass you by?

August 20, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

I hope everyone has had a great week!  It has been crazy around here, but not really in a bad sort of way.  Just busy!  I haven't even had time to research and find a gaggle of nice asses this week for my post.  Yet...never fear my ass addicted friends.  I have some in reserve for times just such as this.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


August 16, 2010

A Picture Is Worth...

From time to time, usually anonymously on formspring,  I get asked about my style of operation.  What kind of Dominant I am and how do I apply it to my submissive.  This is always a hard thing to answer.  It certainly can't be answered in a short manner.  The short version is passionate and caring.  Someone that respects and appreciates all his submissive is for him, and herself.  Not at all overbearing, or overly strict.  Yet, I can be stern and demanding, expect open honest communication at all times, and I expect her to be willing to accept and explore her submission and let me guide her to new depths in feeling and understand.  That is me in an abbreviated nutshell.  Theoretically, we could go back and forth for weeks on specifics, but we shall not begin that arduous journey today.

I have seen one specific picture on a lot of the picture blogs as of late.  (see below)  It keeps making it's way around and it catches my eye every time.  I think because it says so much without saying a thing.  It comes across to me as the type of Dominant I am, and the type of submissive that suits me well.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one speaks volumes. 

You now have a little more insight into who and what DV is.  If you are like me, then this only raises many more questions, and answers very few.  Enjoy the mystery!

August 13, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Happy Friday to all my faithful followers who look forward to some nice ass to get their weekend started.  I hope you all have a great weekend, and may you get all the spankings and use that you need and deserve!  :)


August 10, 2010

Making Beautiful Music Together

I was reading a post yesterday that brought up some good points and thoughts from the submissive side.  The blog is by greengirl, and the specific post is i wonder....  In this post she brings up a thought that...well, makes her wonder.  She questions, at least in her own mind, whether a Dominant or Master needs this as much as a submissive/slave.  Her thoughts and questions are this:

"I wonder if he ever needs it too, needs to do things to me. I wonder this when it's been awhile and I really, really want/need to be bound, controlled, impacted, made to feel him, and, well..... used. It is of course tied into sexual tension, arousal and release, but the context is so much more really. I crave it to bring me back to myself, and remind me of who I am, and to stop the flying around mentally and physically.

Does it do anything at all like that for him? Or does it work in the converse for him? Or is it just that he likes things better when I'm more settled? Or is it just because he knows I want it?

Or is it purely sexual?"

  These are some good questions, and thought provoking as well.  I certainly can't and won't try to speak for anyone in her relationship.  Yet, I can speak for myself and my view on this.  The general answer for me is "YES"!  As a Dominant, yes I need this and want this.  If I didn't it would just be another hobby or something fun to role play every now and then.  But...just as woman can inherently be submissive and have needs of control and service, and the need to be used, a Dominant, or this Dominant, has the needs and desires to control, feel the submission his sub brings to him, and the need to use her.  For me it isn't as much about the power over her and exerting that power, as much as feeling her submit to me and her need to make me happy by serving, obeying, and putting my pleasure first.  Seeing her gain her pleasure by being all of this for me.  By being all this because she desires needs to be.  Knowing she is doing this for me, and that I am pleased with her actions and submission, in turn makes her happy.  She also knows that when I am happy due to her actions, that she will then be much more likely to receive the physical pleasure from me that she needs.  The pleasure she is greedy and needy to get.

Is all of this purely a sexual dynamic for the Dominant?  Absolutely not!  So much of this lifestyle, whether it is the Dom or the sub, is mental and emotional.  sometimes the physical acts we all participate in are strictly that...physical acts for our enjoyment and pleasure.  Yet, many times the physical acts are just a tool for the mental and emotional aspects.  As a Dom, I take on a submissive, or own her if you will, and that comes with great responsibility.  I have agreed to care for and watch over her with all I am and have.  I am responsible for her well being, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  There are times when the activities performed are strictly to get or keep her centered and balanced mentally and emotionally. 

Whatever the case may be, I do find enjoyment in the process involved with a submissive.  I consider it a challenge, and one that I look forward to being involved in.  I like being able to shape her and help her find herself in ways she never even knew existed or were possible.  It is a team effort.  We both play off of each other.  Only together, and with both of us fully invested, can we make beautiful music together that we can can call our own.

August 6, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

My followers, or at least a couple of them, spoke loud and clear last week..."more women of color wanted."  I have nothing against women of color and will be happy to post them when I find them.  Most of the artistic style nude or semi-nude sites I visit and find my pictures, have very few if any minorities.  I even spoke with Hedone about this via email yesterday.  She searches for such pictures herself and has problems finding them.  To sum up...I will be more than happy to post pics containing women of color if I find ones that are suitable for my blog and series. 

Having said all that...Hedone submitted to me a pic she loved, which is also a woman of color. I will gladly post it and make it the first picture this week.  For all my female followers, I have also thought of you this week and have a few male pics as well.  I hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend! 

Let Fantastic Ass Friday begin!!!

August 3, 2010

What Does It Mean...

I came across this while surfing another blog last night.  I really can't remember where it came from, as I got to it through several different links.  First I will say, that I'm not trying to steal anyone else's work.  If you know who this belongs to, then feel free to let me know and I'll gladly give credit to them.  When I read it I though this was a wonderful prose, I guess you'd say, about a D/s or M/s relationship.  I thought I'd share it with you all, and maybe you will find it as touching and meaningful as I did.

Update August 18, 2011 - Here is a link to the origin of this writing.

What does it mean to be called a Master……….Her MASTER

A tender gentle caring Man
that wishes to control, to Dominate.
Submitting to His wishes, she gives,
and pleases Him, smiles at His praise

Thoughts of Him are constant in her mind,
for her only desire is to serve Him in all ways.
He is her final true Friend, she is His listener.

He is her father figure, she is daddy’s little girl.

He directs her, guides her, she strives to change,
to better herself, to reach those goals He sets for her.

He is her Teacher, she is an apt and eager and intelligent pupil, wanting to learn
of His ways, of His likes, wanting to learn and understand
her emergent and rampant sexuality.

He is the One that praises her, listens to her, molds her, cherishes and protects.
He treasures her, loving her, pushing her to do more, to take more.
She is the one that blossoms in His care, that shines with love for Him,
radiating grace and a passion of the mind, body, heart, and soul.

He leads, she follows.
He wants her to be like so for Him -
slut, whore, cum addict, wanton, possession, woman; His toy
She strives to be those things for Him, finding out
more about her desires as she does so.

He is Master, she is slave.
He says; she does.

Yet as she gives to Him, He gives more of Himself
to her, showing her her worth and value to Him.

In His eyes, she is everything, finding a strength not
known to her before, finding peace within His hold of her.

His chains bind her, yet she is free.
Free of worrying all the time.
Free of being stuck in her growth...always evolving

In His chains, she is free, because she knows He will
cherish her, every part if her being.

She knows He will cherish her, every part of her.
She is His; She is slave….

She is free to fly…as high as she was born to be