March 3, 2010

Photography by China Hamilton

Once upon a time I loved porn.  Well...not that I don't still, but I'm currently referring to pics especially.  It was all about naked women on the internet.  It was almost an addiction, as I just love the female body and all it has to offer.  As I have matured I have found that I really enjoy atistic nudes and fine art nudes.  Especially those that seem to have some hidden, or not so hidden, meaning behind them.  There are a lot of photographers that do great work in the BDSM area of artistic nudes.  China Hamilton has quite a collection of these style pictures.  Some are obvious in their intent, and some are more subtle.  The above pic is the one I will discuss today.

I won't currently give you the name of the picture, as that would give away the mood behind it.  It also will defeat my purpose of this discussion.  I could get deeper into it, but for now I will keep my thoughts and views simple.  There are two ways in which I tend to view this picture.  One is a sub/pet/slave wanting and needing attention, and the other is the feeling after receiving attention.

I can look at this picture and see a sub that is begging for attention.  One that is wanting and needing to play.  It can come across as a plea to be bound and used, yet not receiving what she nneeds.  there is a look of depression and sadness at not gettting what she feels she needs so desperately.  She feels out of balance and out of place due to the lack of attention and control that she wants, and more importantly...needs, to make her feel complete.

On the other side, I can look at the picture and see a sub that is feeling the after affects of time with her Dom/Master.  It could be that she is exhausted from it.  She could still be in subspace.  She could be disappointed that the scene is over.  She could be wanting more, or she could have had all she can take for now.

I do enjoy pics like this that make you think or wonder what is really going through the mind of the person in the picture.

What do you see when you look at this picture?


  1. I dunno, to me it looks as tho she feels like she failed or thinks she did. Like she thought she was ready but not.

    Silly huh?


  2. For me, she looks used and abused. I see that it could also appear as if she is sad the session is over, but I see it more as an "afterwards" type of photo.

  3. Mouse...not silly! It's open for interpretation. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone can see it differently and that's why I asked. It's nice to know others views, as it may make you look at it differently than you ever thought about before. I like your view of it.

    Irony...I too see it as an afterwards photo. She looks depressed and sad. The reason or feelings behind that are what is a mystery and fun to try to figure out.

  4. Now that you have brought up two interpretations, I see it.

    My initial thought was that she was 'spent'. She had been thoroughly used. And that made the photo delicious for me.

  5. Ah Hedone...a woman after my own heart!