April 28, 2010

On Being Torn...

I have nothing of substance related to D/s to write about today.  My mind is cloudy and I'm having trouble focusing.  Not literally, just having issues keeping my mind on track and what I deem as normal.  I just need to vent! 

I have been out of town for work all week.  Sometimes it's nice to get out of the office for a few days...but ts always nice to get back home as well.  There is nothing like your own bed.  Hotels get old in a hurry.

I have had a lot going on in my life lately.  Work has been busy and the pressure is building.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  I'm happy to have a great job that pays well and is secure.  This day and age, that is so important, as so many people seem to be out of work, landing in new jobs, struggling to pay the bills, and so on.

I have had a lot of things going on at home as well.  These things have been culminating over time.  It has been piling up, and the pile can only get so high before it eventually starts crashing down.  It never fails that personal issues seem to come about at the worst times.  Just like now, while I'm out of town and can do nothing about any of it.  All I can do is sit around, think, and stew over it.  Not that I could fix everything if I was home, but at least I would be on my own turf and have some better footing.  Being blindsided with personal situational problems while I'm out of town and trying to work makes me feel like I'm.......well, like I've got a gun to my head.  I feel like I'm being asked to make long term potential life altering decisions without proper time or the place to think through everything.  Like I'm being put on the spot and eing asked to make a decision now.  Being asked for yes or no answers, when the answers aren't near that simple.  There are a lot a gray areas.  I feel torn in many directions with heavy ramifications no matter what I decide or say.  ARGH!!!!!

Sorry, I don't mean to rant and carry on!  I know none of you even have a clue as to my situation, therefore making this whole post seem very unclear.  Maybe someday I'll expand and share with my following public my whole situation.  But, now is not the time.  Thanks for your understanding as you stumble through this and really have no clue what I'm taling about.  LOL! 

On a happier note...let's talk about something more fun and enjoyable.  The sentiment seems to be a resounding "YES" to continuing with "Fantastic Ass Friday".  So, I will charge forth with our lovely Friday asses.  I have been collecting some very nice options for this weeks post.  Now, I just have to sort through them and decide wich ones will mkae the cut and be posted.  As requested, I will also post a pic or so each week, as long as I can find suitable pics, that are geared more to my female readers.  See, I'm not a total dictator.  LOL!  You asked and I shall fill your request and need. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  If you find yourself drowning and needing air, come on over to my part f the pond.  I may be underwater, but I have plenty of oxygen left in the airtank that I'll be happy to share. 


  1. DV Sir,

    Without knowing of course all the particulars (and to be honest I don't need to know them) I do understand what you mean (in that vague way). It is hard even when you aren't away to deal with a personal crisis or issue...When you are the intensity is multiplied.

    Wish I had some advice to offer, I know O takes comfort in the serenity prayer...which is about handling the things you can, and letting go of the things you can't.

    All that said, I'm looking to Friday! LOL


  2. I understand your rant. Know I don't know the specifics but I think we've all been swimming, starting to drown, and needed a safe harbor or someone to buoy them.

    At least you know you have a place to vent, and people who care.



    Looking forward to seeing your ass on Friday...well the asses that you display.


  3. Dauntless--although I am sometimes reluctant to share everything on my blog, I do encourage you to open up about problems as much as you can. You will find there are some very sharp readers out here who are often willing and able to give sound advice. In the meantime, good luck getting through whatever it is you are getting through. Sometimes it helps me to remember that life is all about process--there are certain processes you must go through to get to the end, and you don't always know what the process is in advance. when the unexpected comes up, I will try to remind myself--it's all part of the process.

  4. Thank you all for the well wishes. It will all work out the way it is supposed to in the end. As we all know, life isn't always easy. It's how we handle our difficulties and come out the other end that makes us who we are.