April 3, 2010

It's Time For A Spanking

I have read a lot of posts lately, and even not so lately, about spanking, both from a Dominant's side and a submissive's side.  I got to thinkng about how much a part of this lifestyle spanking seems to be, either for pleasure or punishment.  Spanking also really seems to diffrentiate those in this lifestyle from those in the vanilla world.  For the purposes of this post, I am lumping all ass attention into one category of spanking (actual spanking, either by hand or implement, whipping, caning, belting, etc...)

From a Dominant's perspective, I think he feels he needs to exert his power and control.  Sometimes this is done through punishment, and sometimes because he can.  A Dom needs to be able to push the limits of his sub, while allowing her to feel the control he has over her.  A Dom needs to be able to exert his prowess and keep his sub in line.  Spanking is a physical activity in which he can inflict controlled pain, to an area that will not cause great bodily injury or long lasting wounds.  Yet, most of the time he doesn't do it strictly for the aspect of pain itself, although he does at times.  It's more of the mental aspect and ensuring his sub feels his control and knows her place.  He does it for her!  He does it because he needs to do it for her, and she needs it.  He needs to feel her submission and that she is completely his.

(I love the goosebumps all over her.)

From another perspective, I have read so many times lately in posts by submissives, how they NEED spankings.  When a sub gets out of line, she feels she needs to feel her Dom's power and control in punishment.  Sometimes she will purposely push his limits just to test where the line in the sand is, and to make sure he is in control and will stand behind what he says.  I have read several different posts lately about subs saying how much they really need a spanking NOW.  They feel out of kilter, and need to feel the cpower and control, by physical manifestation of their Dom, to feel balanced and in place...to feel get back to feeling like the sub that she is and needs to be.

Spanking is something that the vanilla world does not understand.  To them it is something fun to do every so often, if ever, just in fun or in the moment.  They do not understand the control, submissiveness, and the pain apects that are needed in this lifetsyle.  To a lot of the vanilla world it is abuse.  They do not like it, agree with it, or want any part of it.  For them...that is perfectly fine.  They are welcome to conduct their lives the way they see fit.  But...do not judge those of us in this lifestyle and the way we conduct ourselves and our activities.  We have needs and reasons for doing what we do.  One should not mock or put down what he does not understand. 

Spanking is an essential part of this lifestyle.  It is needed by both Doms and subs.  It is deeply engrained in our lifestyle and an integral part of the dynamic of a D/s relationship. 

Happy Spanking!!!


  1. Dear Dauntless,
    Yes it is an essential part. And getting spanked just feels so good. There is nothing like being put in my place and then held, loved, and adored. I crave it.

  2. Thanks for another great post (complete with wonderful pics!), DV! :)

    I like your discussion of the sub's need for spanking for a variety of reasons. You've hit the nail on the head (or the sub on the ass?)... I think there's also another aspect of the spanking that is equally as powerful as the experience itself and that is the anticipation. There are times when Daddy/Master brings me upstairs with no hint or ceremony and takes the belt or cane to me. But more often than not, he will let me know that a spanking/caning is coming in the near future and then he'll let that sink in a bit... The waiting is often worse (or better, depending on how you look at it!) than the caning itself!

    Oh...Doms can be downright devious when they put their minds to it...and we subs wouldn't have it any other way!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. Maryann...
    I have been reading your blog and know how much you love a good spanking. Trust me, as a Dom, I enjoy giving them as much as you love receiving them. And yes, the love and care afterwards is as essential as the spanking itself.

    Thanks once again for your great comment. And you know I'm going to post some nice pics. It's kind of my trademark. Gotta have a great pic or two to go with your post. :)

    I agree, and am actually planning a post on it, that anticipation is a major part of a D/s situation. The wondering can be as intense and exciting as the actual event. Either knowing it's coming but not knowing when, or knowing something is coming but not knowing what and when.

    I have always loved teasing my sub by telling her I have big plans for our next meet, and not telling her what. Or telling her, I'm going to take her further and push her limits like never before. It's the anticipation of it that keeps her excited and on edge.


  4. Hi DV!

    I just wrote a quick post about anticipation - I definitely didn't mean to step on your toes on this one and am only discussing it from my point of view... I just couldn't resist! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)