April 30, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Well, here we are for round number two.  By popular request, and without any doubt, I will continue with my weekly series.  I appreciate all the positive feedback.  This actually went over with everyone better than I expected.  I have been gathering and searching for all the perfect pictures.  Now the only issue I have is which ones to post each week.  :)

One other thing before we begin.  Last week after my post, Hedone made reference to it on her blog and posted a picture of her own that she loves.  If you do happen to come across a picture that fits FAF, and you would like to submit it, then feel free to send it to me.  I'll be happy to post it for everyone to see in my next installment.  I also enjoyed, and did not really expect, the way everyone kind of voted on which was their favorite.  Maybe I'll come up with a way to vote each week, and at some point we can have a playoff of the weekly winners.  Hmmm...now my mind is turning.  LOL!  Anyway, on with the pics...


Last week Mouse requested that I should have some male eye candy for the women.  I promised I would do what I could for my female readers.  So...this is for you mouse!  :)


Sorry, I couldn't resist.  In all seriousness though, I'm working on a couples theme for next week, and will have some pictures including males that I think you will find to be more of what you had in mind.  

That's it for this week's FAF!  Feel free to comment and/or vote, and please come back next week for more!



  1. Thanks for the mention DV.

    The guys at the barstools are hilarious. The man on the far right in the Sumo-wrestler thong is too sexy!

    Thank you for going through the 'drudgery' of looking at a bunch of beautiful bums. And to think you're considering judging them to come up with a "best of". Oh, the sacrifices you make for this blog and your readers... you're a prince.

  2. I am not sure Mouse would agree with your choice of eye candy. LOL

    My vote for this week is pic #1

    Love this

  3. DV Sir,

    Thanks so much for the mention!

    I anxiously scrolled down passed the females ones to see the guy (s) and laughed. Then I scrolled back up to look at the prettier ones...LMAO

    Really I needed that.

    My vote this week is kinda a tie between #2 and #5. Sorry the guys just didn't make the cut ;-)

    I love the whole FAF and think it's a wonderful idea! You deserve a lot of credit for going through all those pictures to find the perfect ones to display on your blog. But I think what I really like is the artistic quality a lot of them have; they are beautiful.


  4. Hi DV!

    #3, 4, and 5 get my votes...and I'm with Hedone on this one - you're a real trooper for endlessly sifting through photo after photo in search of the most perfect asses! ;)

    Have a great weekend!
    Baby Girl :)

    P.S. The barstool guys are really something...not quite sure what yet, but definitely something! ;)

  5. Thanks everyone! I thought you all would get a kick out of the guys at the bar. LOL! I cam across that and just couldn't resist. I do have some decent guy pics lined up for the future, so bear with me.

    It has been very tough work searching and sorting through all these ass pics. But...someone has to do it. :) I actually have a ton by now, and am still collecting more. I'm beginning to categorize them into themes. Looks like next week will be a "Couples" week, so I can get the guy pics in there for you ladies. I also have a "Wet" week and a "Weapons" week in the works. I'm sure there will be a "BDSM" week as well. Any other ideas, please throw them my way and I'll do what I can.

    Have a fantastic ass weekend!