April 5, 2010


As he approached her from behind, she heard such sweet words in her ear.  "Go upstairs, get undressed, and get into your position and wait.  I'll be there shortly!"  These are the words she needed to hear.  She loved being in her position of servitude, barenaked on her knees waiting for him.  But what would he do?  How would she get to serve him today?  What does he have in store for her?  It doesn't really matter...she belongs to him and he is free to do watever he likes.  She knows this...she loves it...she lives for it. 

As the previous little snippet eludes to, her waiting for him, and all the thoughts that run through her head while doing so, builds and builds the anticipation she has for this moment.  She gets that nervous wrench in her stamoch, yet it excites her.  She loves to serve and be his pet for whatever he likes.  But she can't help bu to wonder what is to come...what is to be of her this time.  As a Dom, I love this.  Anticipation is a great mind game that will always be in play, whether it is intended or not.  there is no way around it. 

Anticipation can come or be caused  from several different situations.  One is teasing, which is one of my favorites.  Telling my sub "I have plans for you", followed by a slight chuckle under my breath, will immediately send her mind into wonder and anticipation.  "I'm going to take you places and make you feel things you need, and maybe even places and feelings you have yet to experience".  She knows what all could be involved, but what will actually be involved only HE knows.  The building of the tension, the excitement of what could be, the nervousness.  Most subs love this feeling.  Even though it may make them a bit scared and apprehensive, it excites them to no end as well.  She will feel the throb between her legs, she will get wet with excitement, her nipples will harden, her pulse will race, the adrenaline with be pumping.  She knows he is about to claim his stake on her, and she needs and wants nothing else but that. 

Another form of anticipation is knowing what is coming ahead of time.  Maybe it is something she wants, and maybe it is not.  Yet, that anticipation of what will be will keep building within her, right up to the moment it comes to fruition.  It could be something she loves, and can't wait for it to happen, or it could be punishment and she can't wait to get it over with.  Either way, the anticipation of knowing it is coming will build excitement and tension within her. 

A Dom can be filled with anticipation as well.  Although, most of the time he knows what is coming and in store for their activities.  Still, he can be just as excited about what he will be doing with his sub, and feel the anticipation build of what is forthcoming.  The excitement of the aniticpation is just as fun and arousing for him.  In my opinion, if he doesn't get excited about what he is going to do, then he has lost his edge.  What's the point if you're not excited and wanting to perform? 

Anticipation runs rampant in a D/s relationship.  It is engrained in it so deeply that it will never be lost.  It is a natural part of the establishment.  The anticipation itself can be the high at times.  Feel the excitemnt, the nervouseness, the tension the adrenaline, and enjoy the way it affects you. 

Feel the "Anticipation".


  1. Mmmm... Absolutely. Perfect. There is nothing like being kept off balance, waiting, ruminating, panicking (sometimes), and then accepting whatever may come. Anticipation is just plain wonderful!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. A lovely post, and so true.


  3. Thank you ladies! Anticipation can be very intense. And that is before any activity actually even occurs. We all love it...love that feeling of excitement of what is to be. Mmmmm...makes me want it now. LOL!