April 6, 2010

No Need For Words

I gathered up a few pictures lately that realy have a great sense of menaing to me.  I think they will for my readers and followers as well.  They are self-explanatory, and I have no need to discuss them like some of the ones we have done before.  Yet, don't let that stop you.  Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.  I only mean that there is not a lot of room for multiple angles in which to view these.  I'm always happy to banter back and forth if you so wish.  :)



  1. As per usual, I'm digging the pics, DV! :) I'm surprised that no one else has commented on these as of yet, but I'd like to go on the record and say that the second one is my personal favorite...

    She looks like a submissive who has fought, has lost, has been collared, and who will not be forgetting her place any time soon...delightful! (I also like the throwback to the 20s style - very classic and fitting for a complex power dynamic...)

    Do you have a favorite among these photos? :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. All the images are quite nice. The first is my favorite. He looks at her so adoringly; proud of his ownership. And what a thing of beauty he owns.

  3. I personally like them all. That's why I posted all four...because I couldn't decide between them. LOL! Here is my take on all of them...

    Picture #1 - I do really like this and how they both seem to know their lace and be happy about it. she seems to be very content at his side, and eagerly awaiting instructions.

    Picture#2 - This one almost seems to be a power struggle. She looks like she is being a bit defiant and fighting her place. Yet, he seems calm and is gently using his hand to hold her where she needs to be. Gentle force if you will!

    Picture #3 - This one is just sweet and innocent. It flows of love and care.

    Picture #4 - She looks sad and broken, and like she has received punishment. She lloks like she is trying to love him by her actions, but the look on her face is of someone not happy to be where she is.

    All these are just my opinion of course. Maybe there is more here open for discussion than I originally believed. :)


  4. DV Sir,

    I really like them all too.


  5. Thank you mouse! I'm glad to know you find some enjoyment from them. I know you have felt, and feel, what the pictures show and demonstrate. Not, to mention how much you enjoy being as the women in the pictures with O. :)