April 8, 2010

The Body Doesn't Lie

This post is directed more at new subs than established one, but I think many of us can relate.

I had a discussion with a woman last night abut her desires and experiences in the BDSM world. Well, she hadn't had much experience or exposure to it, but what she did have she loved. She has only been involved in one relationship, if you even want to call it that, where this type play was acted out. It really wasn't even a D/s relationship, as much as the guy she was seeing liked to dominate her sexually. The main problem for her was that she was pushed way too far, way to fast, and she had to end the relationship with this gentleman, for fear of her own safety. I did congratulate her for having the strength to stand up for herself and know what was best.

Having given you some of the background, it is not really the point of this. During our conversation, she mentioned several times about her being scared and/or nervous during their play. Not for fear of safety, but fear of the unknown. Not having been involved before, she had no life experience in this arena and no idea of what to expect or how to handle things, mentally, emotionally, or physically. One thing she said to me really stuck out...how wet she got during play.

This was new to her. She had never experienced play of this intensity. Yet, it did not matter whether there was pleasure or pain involved...the intensity and anticipation made her wetter than she had ever been. I told her, that in my experience, this is a mark of a true submissive.

"The body doesn't lie!" You may fight against him, you may not be sure of the activity, you may say that you aren't into the stinging pain...but when your pussy is drenched more than ever before, then subconsciously this turns you on and excites you, even if you don't know it will. Maybe it's the actual physical nature of the situation, maybe is the mental. It could be the excitement of the feeling of his control, his dominance, your own submission. Regardless, the body doesn't lie. It's a natural response that you can't help or control. Your mouth may be saying no, but your pussy is screaming yes at the top of its lungs. Now don't get me wrong with that statement. I do not at all condone or support non-consensual activities (ie: rape or sexual assault). My intention is to point out that it may be new, you may be nervous, or even a bit scared, but your body will tell the real story.

This lifestyle is not for everyone. Some women would never get turned on by the activities we all love so much. That is perfectly fine. But, for those that do, or more so those that are wondering, this could be your own self-test. No matter how you feel, does it turn you on? Do you feel it between your legs? Do you get wetter than ever? Then this could be just what you need.

The Body Doesn't Lie!


  1. The Body Doesn't Lie!

    Ain't that the truth!

    Love love love that photo. Gawd that's nice. I think I've been there before...exactly like that.


  2. Another version of that which I like (even worked a post around myself, a while back) is:
    "the body doesn't know right or wrong, it just knows what it likes."
    Expected or not, it knows...

  3. Hedone...
    That picture shows the test to see how the body is reacting, as we now it, it doesn't lie. :)

    You are exactly right...the body doesn't decipher values, it just reacts to positive stimulus. Thanks so much for your comment!


  4. hmmm...and that is exactly what i have been battling with!
    Being new to BDSM (in fact very similar it sounds, to the girl you speak of), i have been reading up on various 'practices' and realise i am scared of quite a lot!
    and yet, when pushed beyond what i consider my own limits, i STILL get wet...and i'm not sure what i fear most: the unknown depravities that a future Dom might expect of me or the fact that my body craves them.