June 3, 2011

United As One

His touch...his caress...gentle but firm...controlling but not overbearing.  This is what she craves.  This is what she needs.  No one has ever made her feel more safe.  No one has ever shown her such care.  She has never felt more love.  When she receives nothing but a look, she can feel it.  Yet, his touch upon her skin soothes and calms her...it sends waves of serene bliss through her body. 

In him she finds all she has ever dreamed.  She is his unconditionally, and has never been so sure about anything else.  She knows...she believes...she trusts...she has faith...in all that he is and ever will be for her.  She gives him her all...mind, body and soul.  She can feel how much he cares for her, and that brings a warmth across her body as though he was breathing himself into her.  She opens the door to her heart and mind, setting it before him like and offering.  In return she is able to reach a higher level of consciousness...understanding...security...fulfillment.

She has found her place...cradled in his hands and arms.  There is no place she would rather be...now or from here forward.  Here she knows how much she is appreciated, respected, admired and adored.  Here in this moment, all that she is and needs to be for him...all of her commitment and devotion while feeling his in return...is consummated with lips upon lips as two become united as one.



  1. ...i so need this consummation you speak of! :)

  2. That is so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. The same as she feels....Loved .