June 7, 2011

Music Of My Soul

I wrote a post a few days ago titled "United As One".  When I wrote it, I...well, just kind of wrote it.  It happens to me that way sometimes.  Thoughts, words, ideas, etc... just sort of come to mind and I pour them out onto paper, or the web as the case may be.  This post was one such writing.  I wrote it with the photograph in mind that was embedded with the post.  It came across as from the female mindset and how she is thinking and what she is feeling.

One of the comments I received in reference to "United As One" was from greengirl.  Her comment was..."But what does he think?"  By this she meant...what does the Dominant think and how does he feel about her?  I wrote about the submissive, but greengirl, along with others I'm sure, would like the view from the Dominant side.  I'll give you a little insight.

I think in a great D/s relationship a Dominant feels extremely special.  A Dominant can feel more himself and more of a complete person with the right woman/submissive by his side.  It has nothing to do with ego, yet she can make him feel like royalty...like a King.  (no offense or disrespect to anyone in a country that has royalty)  Because of her he laughs, and smiles, and feels peace, like he does with no one else.  Just as he does for her, she makes him feel happy, content, and free.  She allows him to be all he needs to be, and she embraces that with all she has.  He is not held back or required to be reserved with her.  He is free to be all the man he needs to be, and does so with support and encouragement.  That will make any man happy and content.  Their common need feeds each other.  A Dominant will feed off the needs and desires of his submissive, and will push himself to be even more than he is already.  He feels pride and satisfaction in himself and his submissive.

He needs her just as she needs him.  It is a true partnership.  You can't do the tango alone...you need your partner.  Ok, maybe you can but it would look pretty odd.  LOL!  (And for the record...DV can't dance one bit lol)  I wrote a post with a picture on my tumblr blog a little while back.  This post accurately describes how I feel and my needs.  It is as follows:

"You are the music that beats with the rhythm of my heart.  Music that is in perfect tune and harmony.  You are the music that makes my love come alive and dance.  Music that picks my feet up and allows me to never miss a step.  Without you, all is deathly still and quiet.  With you is like the most beautiful symphony.  You are the music of my soul."



  1. ...i'm ready to make some music! :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, and for not assuming i was being a smart-alec. I think that we both (both sides of the equation) need to know we are pleasing and providing something needful for the the other.

  3. Lovely DV, how lovely is your analogy between music and your feelings. That is so romantic.

    blossom xx

  4. Your poetic turn-of-phrase reveals an important truth: That while the submissive would seem to be the focus of the relationship, "relationship" is the operative word. Attention, energy, care and love (if your relationship includes it) flow in both directions, giving each partner what they need.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I have recommended your blog on my post: http://bdsm-sexperts.blogspot.com/2011/06/dominant-blogs.html