June 16, 2011

Formspring Comment

I received this on Formspring a couple of weeks ago, apparently.  I usually get an email notification when someone has sent me something on Formspring, but I didn't on this one, and just now found it.  I really do appreciate this comment, so I wanted to post it and respond to the sender.

The comment is:

 "I don't have a question, but just feel the need to tell you what a beautiful writer you are. You clearly give lots of thought to the words before you put pen to paper (so to speak). In this virtual world of horrible writers, and even worse spellers, I thank you for being a bright spot in my day. You give me a lot to think about as I embark on my new journey. My sincere thanks... your writing moves me."

Wow!  I didn't realize Fantastic Ass Friday made people so emotional.  LOL!  Ok, in all seriousness... Thank you so much for this wonderfully nice and sincere comment.  It is receiving feedback like this that seems to make it worthwhile posting my thoughts for all to see.  I do try my best to write grammatically correct (or at least within my style), and I do check my spelling before posting.  I won't say that it is A-One perfect every time, but I do try my best on that part.

I do give thought to what I write.  I'm not one that wants or likes to write just for the sake of writing.  For me personally, that is not enjoyable.  Yet, when I get a thought or an idea, I do love to be able to take it and make some sense out of it in a post.  Many times I think it helps me to write these thoughts down, and helps me learn more as a person and a Dominant by being able to share my thoughts.  Most importantly, it means so much to know that what I write, how I write it, and my views and opinions mean so much to someone.  To know that I can move and affect someone with my writing...well, I am most honored and humbled.   

I hope I don't disappoint and I can continue to deliver posts that are up to the level and standards you all expect from me.  I appreciate the thoughts and comments of all those that read my blog, whether you are anonymous or have an account.  Thank you all and I appreciate all your support!



  1. Ok...let's try this comment again...

    I agree with the writer of the comment. Thank you for sharing, and doing it so well and with such finesse.

    (if you get double comments, it's because blogger hates me atm.)

    Keep writing!

  2. ya ya enough of all the words... more Friday pictures.

    Just kidding, well not about the pictures, but keep the words coming too.

  3. You do have a lovely way with words.

  4. That comment is from me! What a thrill to check in tonight and see a reply to me!!! DV really is an amazing writer. I am an elementary school teacher, so grammar and spelling are a pet peeve of mine!!!

    It is very clear to me that DV puts an incredible amount of thought into his words before posting them.

    I, for one, appreciate that. I love coming here and reading his words.

    Thanks for the reply DV... you just made my day!


  5. Dannah...
    Thanks and you know I will keep writing. :)

    Sir J...
    That's what I figured...yeah the writing is ok, but WE WANT ASS PICTURES!!! LOL! Thanks though!

    Thanks so much for your continued following and comments.

    Thanks so much and welcome to my blog. You are more than welcome! :)