June 17, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Thank God It's Friday!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one am glad this week is about over.  And no...not just because we get to see today's pics.  LOL!  Although, that is always a nice way to end the week.  Last week's winner is on the right.  I can't argue with that picture winning.  It is rather...ummm...NICE!

Looking at my list, I have over 200 followers, and who knows how many lurkers that visit my blog.  I get approx 400 visitors a day, and 12,000 per month.  (yes I know many are repeats)  Yet, I only get about 20-25 votes per week on FAF.  So I ask, all those that are regulars, or happen to stop by, please vote and choose your favorite picture/ass each week.  As they used to say on MTV during election time...let's "Rock the Vote". 

Enjoy the pictures this week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  May you all get to be a spanker or a spankee with your most favorite ass of all!








  1. I wasn't connected last week so I missed FAF, but that is a lovely photo.

    Yes to spanking! Forget "rock the vote"...rock my ass :D

    I like #3 cuz I fall asleep just like that sometimes only I'm completely nude.

    #5 Has a plump, tight ass. That's my vote.