December 30, 2011

FAF Year End Playoffs - Round 1

Welcome to the FAF playoffs!  Earlier this year I did the mid-year playoffs.  Now it is time for the year end playoffs.  All of the past winners will be put against each other to determine your overall favorite.  Here is how this will work:

- There are nineteen (19) winners since the mid-year playoffs.
- There will be ten (10) to vote on this week, and nine (9) to vote on next week.
- The top three (3) from each week will advance to go against each other in the finals to determine the winner.
- In the preliminary rounds, you are welcome to vote up to three times, for three different pictures.  It will only let you cast one vote at a time, so you will have to reload your page to vote again. 
- In the case of a tie, I will choose my favorite, between the ones tied, to advance to the next round.
- The winner of the year end playoffs will go up against the winner of the mid-year playoffs to determine the overall Fantastic Ass of the Year 2011.

Without further ado...let's get on with the voting.  Good luck to your favorite and may the best ass win!












  1. No second or third vote needed from me! My favorite is # 2!!

    Can't wait to see the Winner!

    Take care. Sky

  2. #1 wowsers!! that is a beautiful a$$

  3. i'm going for the man bum..mmmmmMMmmm!

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