December 16, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to the last official FAF of 2011.  Yep, you heard right...this is it for the year.  Ok, well not completely for the year.  This is the last week of voting on FAF for the year.  Next week I will be doing a special Christmas Edition FAF just for your viewing pleasure.  After that, we will begin the FAF Playoffs for the second half of 2011.  We have had some great weekly winners, so the playoffs should be very interesting.  The winner of that will be put up against the winner of the first half of 2011 to find an overall winner.

As always, last week's winner is posted to the right.  I hope you all enjoyed the males I threw at you last week.  I think I have some great choices for you this week that will make choosing your favorite very difficult.  That is always my goal anyway.

Have a great weekend! everyone! 








  1. Okay, I vote for #6, but I suspect it's because it's the most submissive pose, rather than the pure shapeliness of the rear end. Nonetheless, that's my vote!

    Happy Friday!

  2. i'm torn between #1 and #6, but I think I will echo Jake's sentiment and go for #6.