December 11, 2011

Be Who You Are

There is a recurring theme I see in emails I receive from women.  It has to do with being able to accept their submissive nature...or rather having trouble accepting it.  For so many women, accepting and being happy with their submissive nature goes against what is viewed as the norms of acceptable and expected behavior for women.  Because of this, many people find it hard to be happy with themselves...they don't feel free to be who they truly are inside. 

I have written about this in the past, and don't intend to re-hash it today.  But...I did come across a couple of quotes that I wanted to share.  The quotes weren't intended specifically for TTWD, but I think you can take them and apply them to this situation.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions about this subject and/or the quotes.


  1. The E.E. CUmmings quote is one of my favorites.

    I think one of the difficulties in accepting being submissive is being raised to Not be submissive. That it's a bad thing and is equated with weakness.

    I also believe that a huge part of submission is learning to accept--we are what we are. Though that belief has never stopped me from wondering Why I am the way I am lol.

    I usually try not to make comments before coffee because they rarely make sense lol.

  2. DV,

    I fought being submissive to Daddy for YEARS. My pride didn't want to admit that I need him to lead me as much as I need water to live.

    Now, I have to continue to fight the forces of society that would label me as ignorant for my choice to be submissive.

    I've also learned that it's not safe to tell people in real life that I submit to Daddy, and especially I wouldn't tell anybody that I get used for his pleasure.


  3. Im the woman who walks alone! If my siblings and any of my friends knew I had a curiosity [9 yrs worth] about D/s, they would be appalled!!

    I have to ask you as a fellow Libran, do you at any time procrastinate and/or is it hard for you to make a decision?

  4. It can be hard to allow ourselves to embrace our submissiveness - doing so doesn't always "fit" into the lives and relationships we have built. That's possibly why so many women (like myself) only get there when they have the time to look at themselves, when children have grown and responsibilities lift. However the rewards are great. I wouldn't change a thing about my life so far but I'm so very glad that I'm taking the time now to finally work myself out.

  5. lil...I think you're right. Almost all women are raised and taught to be the exact opposite of submissive. This leads to a difficulty in accepting being submissive. That acceptance is half the battle.

    Kitty...I think we will always fight the forces of society and our own pride. I'm not at all saying anyone should run around declaring their submissive or Dominant nature. For most everyone, it stays strictly inside their own relationship and home. Very few outside of it know. They don't understand and it's easier to keep it to ourselves.

    Christina...We all have friends and family that would never understand. I'm right there with you. As for your Libra bet. I was going to answer your comment yesterday, but I decided just to put it off until today. LOL!

    Alice...God don't I know about how it doesn't always fit our current life. I'm glad to know you finally were able to get there and see this within yourself. Sounds like you found some happiness in doing so.


  6. I needed to see this. Thanks for posting something that myself, and I'm sure many other women can benefit from seeing.