December 27, 2011


Sometimes...a picture really does speak louder than words. 

Sometimes...a picture can say things you could never fully express in words.   Things that you need to either be able to administer or put yourself in the position to be administered to. 

Sometimes...we just have basic carnal needs that we need to act out. To be able to let loose with what we feel inside. 

Sometimes...we need to show our authority, or be reminded of our place within the relationship. 

Sometimes...we need to show our devotion...our commitment...our gratitude for all we have. 

And the end of the day we need to know we are needed, wanted, appreciated, valued, and mean the world to someone else. can say so much more with a picture.  You can express moods...set locations and a can sometimes use one picture to get across what one thousand words might not begin to say. 



  1. Love this post. Many of the pictures speak to me. I sent the link to KinkyGent, he knows what I need and how I need it.

    Psst! 3 is animalistic and raw, I want it like that.

  2. Beautif photos and lovely sentiments as always. Thank you, DV!

    Take care. Sky

  3. That's so beautiful. And so on target. Thank you.


  4. The last picture is my favorite...yum!

    But, all of them speak to me in a good way. You do have good taste in pictures.


  5. What a wonderful post.
    I am not gifted with an eloquence worthy of describing such images, so the images themselves have to tell the story.
    The images you chose are so powerful that, as you state, no words are necessary.

    For the record, the last is my favourite, but only because today that is what I need.

    B x

  6. So true.

    And the first picture seems so alluring and sexy to me. Where did you find these?

  7. Thanks for your comments. I glad you like the pics.
    Sexperts...they all are from various tumblr sites, and are all posted within my own tumblr some place or another.