April 6, 2011

Formspring Question/Comment

I recently received the following comment on my Formspring:

This isn't really a question. I just wanted to say I am really beginning to love the name Dauntless. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "Man, this is daunting." And then I think Dauntless Vitality. Oh, I get it. Starting to love it. Really love it.


I'm not real sure how to reply to this honestly...other than to say thank you, and glad I can be of assistance.  I don't know which should scare you most...the fact that you are facing daunting situations, or that when you do you think of little ole me.  LOL!  Whatever the case, thank you and I am flattered.  

While we are at it, let's look into this a bit further, and I'll give you a little insight into me.  When I originally came up with my pseudo name for the internet and email (DauntlessVitality - DV), I had to think on it for a long while.  I wanted something first of all that didn't sound stupid or cheesy.  I wanted something that would stand out and resemble someone strong and stable.    Yet, it also needed to truly be me and who I am.  Something that was characteristic of me.  So what's a guy to do but break out the dictionary and thesaurus.  Back and forth, and back and forth I went in looking up words and meanings based on how I would describe myself.  

I see my self as dauntless...meaning fearless, bold, courageous.  My commenter mentioned the word daunting, or being overwhelmed or intimidated.  That I am not.  I am calculated and not easily intimidated.  I needed another word though too.  Just calling myself Dauntless didn't feel right.  Back to the books I went.  I ended up with the word vitality.  That was me for sure...full of life and power and an enduring person.  Yep, I had it!  Enduring, fearless, and full of life.  That is me for sure.  I started using DauntlessVitality and never looked back.  It has stuck with me and has served me well.  

So, back to my formspring comment...I'm happy I can assist you with being able to see and get it.  When ever you feel overwhelmed, just think of being fearless and full of life, and someone that can endure.  If me being here, and you thinking of me in those times of trepidation, helps you in some way, then I am glad I can do that for you.  Sometimes we all need the strength of someone else to help pull us through a tough time.  If I can do that for you, my anonymous commenter, then being here is worthwhile, and all my ranting and thoughts and views on my blog have made a positive impact.  

So, thank you for the kind words!  

(of course I could be completely misinterpreting the comment, in which case please correct me.) 



  1. http://pinktrickle.tumblr.com/post/4393131374/secretchances-all-the-blogs-i-follow
    (now you would be correct if you guessed that i posted this!) :)

  2. i thought long and hard on my email name of nakedaytrader...lol

  3. Its lovely to know DV that you had taken the time to think about your name, took me a while too though my name isnt anything as fancy as yours...lol. but its important to me and that is the main thing.

    blossom xx

  4. Thanks for the comments. It really doesn't matter how much time and effort you put into your name. As long as you like it and it fits you, then that's all you need. :)