April 8, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday! (FAF)

Welcome to another edition of FAF!  Thanks to all that voted last week.  We had a great vote and went to a runoff, which turned out to be tight as well.  But, we did finally come out with a winner, posted to the right. 

One point I would like to clear up.  I do have a one vote rule.  Meaning that I ask that you vote only once and for for only one picture.  I have talked with several members of couples who like to look at FAF together and decide on their choice.  We all have different views as to what we like, turns us on, and we find artistically pleasing.  So, if you are part of a couple that views FAF together, you may each vote one time each, not just one time as a couple.  Also sounds like a good way to cause some fun competition amongst a couple as to which of your choices gets more votes.  LOL!  Yes...I am a bit devious!  :)

Also one more note...I will accept submissions and use them in the weekly voting.  So, as you travel the internet, if you see a nice ass and think it would fit well in FAF, please feel free to send it to me by email.  I received one last night from Hedone that will fit nicely into an upcoming FAF edition.  So feel free to submit pics that you come across, if you are so inclined. 

Ok...on to this week's pictures!  I hope you enjoy and hope everyone has a great weekend!








  1. Voting: What if you have multiple personalities, can each personality have a vote? ;p

    Last week's runoff: I so love the winning pic. The beauty of their embrace shows so much passion and her curves are quite nice. She does have a beautiful bum in that pose.

    This week you have chosen some very sexily composed photographs. I have to remember to vote on the BEST ASS. For me I like to truly pick the most fantastic ass and not get caught up in the composition though I may enjoy a photo for that quality.

    So this week the most pleasing bum to me is #4. However photograph #3 speaks to me on so many levels. Her back is gorgeous--the strength is so sexy. And that pose is unique and let me tell you it feels so good! I do that everyday to stretch my hip flexors and I stretch my arms out to stretch my back. #3 Gets my vote for most beautiful body.

    Have a lovely weekend DV.


  2. "We had a great vote and went to a runoff, which turned out to be tight as well."

    I like it when it's tight.

  3. Hedone...No personality disorders. You will have to get them all together and decide as one. LMAO! I understand your quandary, but for me personally, it not only has to do with the ass, but the artistry I see in the photo, the curves, all of it. So feel free to vote the way you like and feel.

    Tom...LMAO! The funny thing is I thought about how that read when I wrote, but decided to leave it. You get the award for the first to point it out. :)


  4. Wow ok so I must not be into big round assess. I vote for the last photo.

    Maybe cause I am so small that I hardly have an ass. Just never been a big fan of larger asses.