April 15, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Thanks to everyone that voted last week.  We had a good turnout and good debates on your favorite and why you like each one.  I do enjoy seeing your comments on why you chose the one you voted for.  The winner from last week is to the right. 

This week I'm going to appease to all my female followers, readers, visitors, and lurkers.  This week you get a variety of...MEN!  I am sensitive to the needs of all the females out there, so FAF is not strictly about fine womens asses.  And yes, most of them are quite muscular.  I just have a hard time finding pictures of skinny little white guys like myself.  LOL!  And who would want to see that anyway.  ;) 

One of the pictures this week was even a submission by one of my faithful followers.  Thank you Hedone!  You are all welcome to submit ass pictures, that turn you on and arouse you, of men, women, and couples, if you wish to do so to be used in future installments of FAF. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures this week, and that every single one of you have a great weekend! 








  1. DV, these asses are too pretty for my taste. :)


  2. These boys are yummy! Thank you DV.

    I like the humps on #2 :)


  3. OMG these are some fine looking gentlemen, probably highly intelligent too. :)
    Thank you!!