September 3, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Just for my female followers, I threw in some more female friendly eye candy for you this week.  Not that you have seemed to mind the candy I normally throw at you, but I thought you deserved a special treat this week!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Especially since most of us have a Monday holiday, which means a nice long weekend.  May you get, or give as the case may be, all the spankings you need and deserve.  Happy Labor Day everyone!



  1. THANK YOU #3. I want to bite that ass.
    As for the flower coming out of this woman's ass. What more can I say...HAHAHA


  2. PS...Is that your ass in pic #3?

  3. mmmmm..i have this incredible urge to go swimming....#2 is quite an inspiration.

    Or maybe #3... he seems ready for a nice sound spanking.....

    decisions decisions!

    Thank you DV

  4. Yowza on #1 and 2. I was already drooling and fantasizing on photo number one and I was hit with the hunk of hotness in photo number two! Good lord he's nice.

    Thank you soooo much DV!

    Happy & Safe Holiday to you too.


  5. Carrie...Glad you enjoyed a bit more male ass this week. #3 is not me. You wouldn't find me blindfolded and cuffed. LOL! However if I say yes, will you come up here and bite my ass? ;)

    HMG...don't hurt yourself trying to make that decision. LOL! Glad you like!

    Hedone...Yowza! Glad you approve of the hunk of hotness. LOL!

    I kind of like a nice ass that smells like roses myself. :)