September 27, 2010


  Today I'm going to do something I don't typically do...I'm going to vent to you all and hope it makes me feel better.  Rarely, do I mention or air out on here what is happening in my personal life, but today I will.  I'm just stressed and it's only getting worse.  I'm the type of person that is calculated and always has a plan.  When things get out of sorts, it's not something I can help, and then it keeps piling on, well...I get stressed.  Just part of my personality and the way I am.  It usually isn't ever as bad as I make it out to be.  But, it's stressing me none the less.

I got word early Saturday morning that  my grandfather had passed away.  It's not a surprise, as he has been ill for a long time, but still it is hard.  So, I've been dealing with that the past few days.  Trying to schedule to get to the services, where I'm supposed to be when, helping plan things, making notifications, etc...  you know, all that fun stuff you have to deal with when someone dies.  So, right now I'm having to plan our trip Tuesday morning, for a 4+ hour drive, get the family dropped off, drive across Atlanta to the airport to pick up family, and be there by 3:00.  Have you ever driven around Atlanta?  NIGHTMARE!!!  Especially knowing I'll be coming back through it in rush hour traffic. 

Then this morning, my wife's mother, who has been sick for a while now, is having an emergency appt with her Doctor, because she is only getting worse.  So, my wife is taking off up there today, another 3 hours away, to see about her mother.  I have to leave work, get daughter to school, go back to work, go pick her back up and to the babysitter, go back to work, then pick her up on my way home.  Knowing she won't have had her normal nap, and will be tired and ill by this evening.  there is a chance wife may not be back tonight, so may have to get me and her packed and dealt with so we can leave in the morning. 

It just seems to be one thing after another.  I just have to remind myself, it's really not that bad, and there is always much worse.  I had planned on getting back to some regular posts this week, but that's not going to happen.  Hopefully I will be back or able to get Friday's picks together and posted.  If not, then you know why.  Sorry for making you read this, and venting my issues to bore you all with.  I hope you all have a much better week than mine is shaping up to be! 


  1. My thoughts are with you and your family, DV


  2. DV,

    You listen to all us women stress out constantly so no need to apologize. Sometimes just getting of your chest helps. As for tired and cranky kids, luckily I am past that point in my life but I remember what its like when they don't get those naps.

    Sorry about your grandfather and I hope all goes well with your wife. We'll look forward to hearing from you Friday but it you can't make it I'm sure one of us will do a FAF for you.
    Hang in there,

  3. Our thoughts are with you DV Sir. I do understand what you're going through and it's never easy.

    I hope your wife's mother feels better. Nothing happens at the "right" time. But somehow we get through it, or at least muddle through it all.