November 26, 2011

Striving For More

This picture...this picture...I absolutely love it!  I have stared at it off and on all morning trying to put into words what I see and feel.  I have had trouble finding those words.  Why?  Because it says so much to me.  This picture speaks to speaks to my heart and soul.  It rouses feelings that are hard for me to describe.  A million things go through my head, but getting those thoughts organized to be able to put them down into legible articulation, well that's a different story.

To me this exudes strength.  It speaks of love.  It speaks of care.  It's having someone under your care and showing the gentle strength to lead and guide her the way she needs and deserves.  From her side, it shows her strength to be his.  It shows her willingness to stand by his side.  Her desire to be his.  It represents her need to be his, and be there for him.  I see his desire to bare himself to her, and her baring her all for him as well.  It is mutual adoration.  

Even though he towers above her, he shows a gentleness in wrapping his arm around her.  Pulling her in close to show his love and care for her.  Letting her know he will protect and defend her with all he has, in return for her devotion.  Even though he towers above her, she is calm and at peace.  This is where she needs to be.  This is where she feels his side, under his protection, knowing he would do anything for her.  Just as she gives herself to him completely and relies upon him, she does so with full trust that he will do the same for her.  

This reminded me of a post written by thesubmissivebf a few days ago.  (the post can be found here)  The words in the post ring so true to me, and how I see a D/s relationship between two people.  This is how I think a relationship like this should be. 

"When a woman submits its because she has found the strength to do so. The belief in herself to take on such a role she can only do so when she feels unconditional love and soul guiding trust. She has to understand her purpose and how important she is to Him and how important she is to herself."

A woman can only assume this role when she believes in herself...when she understands who she is, is happy with that role, and understands it.  She also has to believe in him, and his ability to guide and lead in a way that is beneficial for the growth of her as a person.  It's through love and trust that she believes in him and all he can be for her.  She has to feel it within her soul to be able to let go and be his unconditionally.  It has nothing to do with her letting go and losing who she is in being his.  It is about finding herself deep within, and being all that she can be.  It is about realizing that she is of utmost importance to him, just as he is to her.  They feed off the needs of each other, relying on each other to be all they can be for themselves and their partner.  

This is what I strive to be.  This is what I have in my sights to become.  I don't feel I can ever be enough.  I always want to be more...learn more...grow into more of the man and Dominant I desire to be.  I can have all the desire in the world, but without that special partner by my side, then the desire remains only a desire.  Having her there, that enables the desire to be put into action.  To learn from her how to be better and be more of who I am and who she needs me to be...who I need to be for myself.  That is a partnership I love being a part I need in my life.  In leading and guiding, I am also pushed.  Pushed to become better. That is something we should all strive to achieve. 


  1. While it does speak D/s to me...
    It looks like she's done something wrong and that he's reassuring her in a loving way.
    Saying that it's okay whatever you've done, you can tell me.
    There's definitely an "I'll protect you" component to it - that hand.
    He's guiding her. There's no doubt about that.

    That's what came to me right away when I saw the picture. lol... that's my interpretation.

    I even enlarged the picture to check out if she's as calm as she looks.:P I think she's a bit worried...


  2. "It is about finding herself deep within, and being all that she can be."
    Well said.

  3. Thank you for the mention.
    Pictures can be so powerful and speak more than words can express.
    To me she doesn't fit in, she isn't soft enough and even though this picture doesn't say the same to me as it does to you, doesn't mean it is any less.
    After all that is what art is supposed to do, stimulate conversation and other opinions.
    Thank you for sharing yours :)

  4. I can see how the picture spoke to you, portraying D and s as two powerful yet very different roles that fit together as one. You describe the process of learning from each other, growing better together. I do think it's a good sign of a healthy relationship if both feel inspired and "striving to be better."


  5. I'm leaving this blog behind. You have nothing that can help me in my journey. You always sound so puffed-up about yourself with so much Blah, Blah, Blah, like you live in some enchanted world. I'm trapped in my world and will never be free.

  6. I like the way you describe the D/s relationship very much. You say:

    It has nothing to do with her letting go and losing who she is in being his. It is about finding herself deep within, and being all that she can be. It is about realizing that she is of utmost importance to him, just as he is to her.

    I think that's so true. I keep moving toward this mental image of a relationship that creates something beyond itself, beyond the two individuals. Traditionally, that's kids and family, but since I'm past those days, I'm looking for what else is generated...

    Anyhow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  7. now off on a completely different tangent...why the heck is the penis so small?! i mean really. this is like a 10-11 foot structure (assuming she's 5'5") so that means it's like 6" or less...i'm just saying! :)

  8. love the pic DV

    a meaningful post as usual.

    blossom x

  9. It indeed is a great picture.

    You know the connection is right when it feels like home.

    Great post!

  10. I love this picture and what you wrote here... I so agree with you. It is a partnership and like KJ told me "I will earn your submission and you will give it to me happily and willingly." We are partners who do feed off each other.


  11. I love Your words. This gives me an understanding of who You are and Your desires.