November 18, 2011

VBA Nominations

I got an email the other night letting me know I was being nominated for a VBA.  If you are like me and didn't have a clue what this was, it's the Versatile Blogger Awards.or so I'm told.  LOL!  Since then, I have received several more emails, and noticed on a few more blogs, that I have received further nominations. 

I can't thank you all enough for your consideration in nominating me.  I feel very special to have been nominated by many of you.  It's fabulous to know that I touch many of you in such a way that I would be considered one of your favorite blogs.  I know...I's just the asses.  LOL!  Seriously though, thank all of you that have nominated me.  That means so much to me!

I guess I'm supposed to pass the nominations along by following the rules and making my own nominations.  I find that very difficult.  I follow so many blogs, and they cover a wide assortment of dynamics and topics.  I can't choose and narrow it down to just fifteen.  I know that sounds like a cop out, but it's really the truth.  There is a reason for every blog I follow and read, so to me they are all special in their own way.  I couldn't bear to think of leaving off anyone because I ran out of nominations.

So...I hereby nominate everyone I follow and read, as you are all special and deserve a VBA!


  1. Congratulations DV! I love your blog and I was going to nominate you too! I

    I come back not just for FFF but for your interesting topics and perspective.

    Take care. Sky

  2. Diplomacy is your strong suit, lol!

    And, since you follow my blog, thank you for the nomination:)!


  3. I had a hard time with the rules too, DV. :) I certainly didn't contact anyone to impose the rules on them.

    I don't come for the asses at all.

  4. You deserve the award, of course! And since you now follow us, I'll say thank you too DV! Love, squirrel

  5. Congratulations!!!