November 21, 2011

"When You Love A Woman"

I have recently tried something new.  It's not the best, but not too bad for my first attempt, I suppose.  What has DV done?  I have created my own video.  I have never even attempted anything like this before, and had no clue what I was doing.  For that matter, now that I'm done, I still have no clue what I'm doing, or how I got a finished product.  LOL! 

The video is a collage of D/s related pics, put to the music of one of my favorite bands...Journey.  The song I chose is one of my favorites from the "Trial By Fire" album, which was putout in 1996.  And yes, growing up, Journey was one of my favorite bands.  The lyrics and video are below.  I hope you enjoy it.

 Journey - When You Love A Woman
In my life I see where I've been
I said that I'd never fall again
Within myself I was wrong
My searchin' ain't over...over
I know that

When you love a woman
You see your world inside her eyes
When you love a woman
You know she's standin' by your side
A joy that lasts forever
There's a band of gold that shines waiting somewhere...oh yeah

If I can't believe that someone is true
To fall in love is so hard to do
I hope and pray tonight
Somewhere you're thinkin' of me girl
Yes I know...I know that


It's enough to make you cry
When you see her walkin' by
And you look into her eyes


When you love a woman...
When you love, love, love, love
When you love a woman
You see your world inside her eyes 


  1. You are a sensual Man..well done on the Vid


  2. I think I'd almost be a little smitten, if I weren't already smitten over someone else. ;)

    Well done DV

    His C.

  3. So beautiful! I am blessed to have a man love me like that.

    Thank you for sharing such a touching video!


    P.S. The pictures were perfect.

  4. So beautiful and romantic. You didn't by chance get this idea from listening to HS?

  5. DV - your sub is one very lucky lady :).

    Great montage! I can't believe it's your first one! Very sensual.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Take care. Sky

  6. i am lucky and blessed!

  7. Thank you all...I'm glad you enjoyed it.


  8. I love that song *sighs* you are both lucky to have each other!

    much love!!

  9. Drools at DV lol. Lovely images and music, and romantic. Me thinks you got it right DV

    blossom x

  10. WOW! Love the video. Not bad for being your first one... not bad at all.

    Thank you for putting some beautiul images together.


  11. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing...magic :)

  12. Incredibly beautiful…I see inside Your eyes...