May 7, 2011

DV Update

Thanks to all that sent there well wishes during all the bad storms we endured a little over a week ago.  Your thoughts and prayers have meant a lot.  Things have been really crazy the ever since then, with home and work...mostly work.  I went about 5 days without power, which really sucked by the way.  You don't realize how much your entire life revolves around having power until you don't have it. 

It could have been much worse though.  Here in town where I am, we had little if no damage at all.  Yet, every county surrounding us had some sort of major catastrophic damage.  This included the main power plant, which is why we were without power.  Somehow all the tornados managed to lift over our town, or skirt the edges and leave us untouched.  To give you an idea of the magnitude of these storms, just go to youtube and type in Alabama Tornado in the search.  The date was April 27.  There are a ton of videos and pictures of the devastation.  One of the tornados tracked across Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  At times it was rated as an EF-5, and had a track that was 132 miles long.  I just can't really fathom that.  At one point that afternoon, the county just northeast of me had 4 different tornado warnings at the same time.  Yep...four possible tornados on the ground in one county at the same time.  Unbelievable!!!  So could have been much worse for me. 

Two of the people I work with were directly affected.  A couple others had immediate family members that were in the midst of damage.  So, on top of getting into out busy time of the year at work, we were down in manpower, and struggling to keep things running.  Luckily it is all working out an things are beginning to return to somewhat normal.  This coming week should be back on least I hope.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and emails.  I hope to get back to posting in the next few days and get FAF going again next week as well.  I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Tornados are horrible, at least here in Florida we know a hurricane is coming a week before. Glad everything is getting back on track.

  2. Nothing like going a few days without power to appreciate!

    I'm really glad that you and yours are alright.

    Hope everything gets back to normal soon!