May 20, 2011


I want to consume you…I want to own you…I want to possess you…I want to control you…I want to Dominate you…I want to devour you.

Yet, I won’t demand it…I won’t require it…I won’t force it.

It will be of your own free will…your own desire…your own need…your own craving…your own addiction.

In wishing to have all from you…you will get all of me.  I commit and devote myself…my time…my energy…my need…to being all you need.  I don’t take for the sake of taking.  I give in order to receive.

I lead by example…I guide out of necessity.  I love because I have no choice…because fate brought us together.  It was destiny…It was time…It was meant to be at this point in our lives.

You brought the key that unlocked my heart.  It is now yours.  In the same breath…you are mine…by choice…by your choosing…because “this” is all you have ever needed.  You just didn’t know you needed it until now.  But fate did…it knew…it had a plan…a plan that involved us together.

You are my plan…and I am yours.  I intend to execute my plan to the utmost degree…with precision…with perseverance…with care…with love.  You can’t fight fate…just accept it…and know it has a reason.  You…you are my reason!


  1. "Yet, I won’t demand it…I won’t require it…I won’t force it." <----You got the magic key:)

  2. Sounds like a man in love, very well said!

  3. DV Sir,

    Beautifully written!


  4. A deeply touching piece of writing. Thankyou

  5. oh wow DV powerful stuff.

    blossom xx

  6. I second what mouse said.

    These are the things KinkyGent says to me about Us.

    I can't wait to share it with him.


  7. DV,

    With beautiful words like these written to her I'm sure she is completely helpless to any devouring you wish to do.


  8. Thank you all for you comments. I once again am happy that I can touch you with my words and views. I means a lot to me that I can write and express myself and what is true to me, and affect so many of you. Thanks so much!


  9. DV...What are you not telling us? Are you in love?

  10. Very touching hope is that this becomes a reality for You, if it hasn't already. Your poetry is so lovely!

    This is the way "it" should be...i am so happy to admit, this is the way it is for Sir and His kitten and i cherish every moment!

    You have a way of expressing the things that others cannot put into words, but W/we feel it - please keep writing from Your heart, as it touches so many hearts in return DV!

    warm wishes,

    kitten for Sir

  11. ...completely and utterly helpless! :)

  12. Very beautifully written indeed.

  13. Carrie...I'll never tell! LOL!

    Kitten...I'm so glad you have found this. that is something very special you should hold onto with all you have.

    Anon...Hmmm...helpless is good! :)

    Thanks lil!