May 28, 2011

Compass (A Tool For Navigation)

"I am your compass!  I am your guide!  I am showing you the path, leading you in the right direction and to where you need to be.  We may change course, yet still I will lead.  If one of us happens to veer off course then we will stop, chart a new course and a new destination, and I will continue to guide you along the way.  I am your tool of navigation.  There are paths that are rough and paths that are smooth.  I will guide you along the best path possible.  But remember...the best path is not always the easiest, smoothest, shortest, or the most direct.  Yet, it will be the one that will enable us to gain the most.  This is our journey.  One we are taking together.  You light the way, I will guide and lead us both...for I am your compass!"



  1. DV Sir,

    This was beautiful!

    PS love the new look too!

  2. Thank you mouse...about this post and the new look.


  3. Agree with mouse, its beautiful :)

  4. Touching as always DV!

    (Gratz by the way *giggles* on...oh nothing)

    kitten for Sir