March 22, 2011

Tuesday Humor

…”and we can have tea parties and play dress-up,
and have a sleepover! 
My mommy is going to be SO surprised. "

I saw this and just had to laugh.  This is so something my daughter would do!  

Reminds me of yesterday afternoon...she was playing in the back yard and was complaining about a wasp flying around.  I told her just to make a funny face, wave her arms, and yell "BOO"!  It would scare the wasp and he would fly away.  So..for the next half hour she is running around the back yard looking for wasps to scare.  Hindsight told me that maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  LOL! with a three year old!  :)


  1. DV,

    Thanks for sharing, it makes me smile (except for the wasp part). :)


  2. Both funny! And the wasp idea maybe not the best idea ever. Good thing about a three year old is by tomorrow you can hope something else will have her attention and the "BOO!" idea will be long forgotten.