December 17, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Thanks for all your votes last week!  The women of color theme seemed to go over well.  We had more comments than usual, and a good turn out on the vote.  I will be saving pics, and we will do this again for sure.  The winner of last week is posted to the right.  It really wasn't even a close vote, as some of the others have been.  Once again, you all surprise me with your choice and taste.  I love that!  It shows how different we all are and that we have different things that arouse us sexually.  Hooray for us all!!!

This week...well I'm going to make it tough on you.  Yes, I know you may surprise me again, but I think this will be a close vote.  I have some very fine wine chosen this week that will make you study and think.  And the old rule still voting more than once.  LOL!  Good luck and enjoy!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!









  1. This one was easy for me...#1


  2. #1 has my vote...That lovely heart-shape. #2 does have awesome legs though.

  3. Thanks ladies! I certainly can't say that I disagree with your choice!


  4. Oh #4...ride me cowgirl...and go to the whip!