December 10, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

If you have been keeping up, then you know we had a good race last week.  We even had to go to overtime to find a winner.  It was a close vote, but the picture to your right finally was declared the winner.

This week I'm going to have a theme that I have been collecting on for a while.  It was pointed out to me a while back that I rarely post any women of color.  The fact is that most of the places I am when I'm coming across pictures to save for FAF have very few women of less good ass pics.  Well, now I have collected a few and have enough for our weekly FAF.  This week is nothing but women of color and their fine asses.  I hope you all enjoy!









  1. Well I'd have to vote on #5 . . although #4 is such a temptation! They are all nice, wish I knew her! lol

  2. #2 is the vote from the sub in the back :-)

  3. I love the artistic photography of #4, decisions, decisions!

  4. Oh - # 2 - Muscles should be considered gorgeous - imho in any case.

  5. Hmmm.

    #1 Is very sexy. A beauty for sure.

    #2 muscular ass....nice

    #3 you know why I like it

    #4 the lighting excellent! Her thighs nice, the shoes sexy. I like the photo.

    #5 Nice ass!