December 22, 2010

FAF and other news

Well..once again you all surprise me with your FAF voting.  Your choice for the week, in a landslide victory, is posted to the right.  Not that I can disagree with the winner at all, I just figured it would be a closer and tougher vote.  Shows what I know.  One of these days I will finally figure out that I shouldn't guess and assume what you all like and will vote for.  :)

Due to the holidays and my planned, or should I say mandatory, traveling, I will be out of pocket and in and out of town for the next week or two.  That means there will be no FAF the next two Fridays, and probably no other postings as well.  I will be stopping by as time allows to check in on you all, and maybe comment here and there, but that will probably be all I can squeeze in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and a fabulous New Year.  If I don't talk with any of you before hand...thanks for spending part of your 2010 with me.  It has been an exciting time, and I look forward to great 2011 with all of you.  May you all get all the kink and perversion you need and wish for from Santa and in the coming year! 

Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!



  1. Happy Holidays DV! Safe travels.


  2. Thanks for all the great postings. Looking forward to 2011 - Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Love ya

  4. Merry Christmas, DV! I wish you a prosperous New Year.

    (Why I picked this one? it's the least staged look, with the panties coming down. I can imagine she is taking them off for me, instead of for a camera)

    Safe Travels!

  5. Safe travels, DV. I hope you and yours have a great holiday!