June 29, 2012

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF) Mid-Year Playoffs (Rd 1)

It's that time of year again...it's time for the Mid-Year Playoffs.  This is when we put all the past winners, up to this point in 2012, up against each other to decide which one is your favorite.  You all decided the winners each week, so now it's time to put those winners to the test and see which one holds up.  Here are the rules for this playoff:

- There are 18 winners so far for 2012.
- Nine will be posted this week (Rd 1) and nine next week (Rd 2).
- The top three from each week will move on to the finals.
- In the case of a tie in the first two weeks, I will decide my favorite and which ass moves on.
- In the case of a tie in the finals, we will have a runoff vote. 
- In the first two weeks, you will be allowed to cast three votes for your three favorites to move on.
- In the finals, you will only be allowed to cast one vote.

We will do this again at the end of the year (Year End Playoffs) to decide the winner of the second half of the year.  That winner and the winner of the Mid-Year and Year End Playoffs will then be put against each other to decide the Overall Favorite Ass of 2012.

Any questions?  Good!  Then on with Round 1 voting for the Mid-Year Playoffs!  May your favorite ass advance to the finals!











  1. Sheesh, this was not an easy decision in the least.

    1. LOL I guess that's what happens when you put the best against the best. I know I would sure have a hard time deciding. And even picking just three would be difficult.

  2. A fantasstic selection! I must have missed out on some weeks' voting!