May 9, 2012

To The Edge...

(An excerpt from inside the head of DV...)
There you are, laying there bent across the kitchen table in your orgasmic bliss.  Chest and face on the table with your arms up next to your head.  Your legs are shaking slightly...breathing heavily...your legs barely able to hold yourself up.  You have been taunted and teased and you finally got the release that had built up so strongly inside.  You were finally shown and better understand that you get to cum when, and only when, I allow it.  That I can take you to the edge over and over without letting you cum for me.  
I can inflict pain as well as give you pleasure, and it all turns you on as it comes from my hands.  It all can take you to the edge, and only I decide if you are allowed to fall off the edge to satisfaction.  You never imagined that you could possibly enjoy pain, no less have an orgasm because of it.  But, now you are seeing just how much you need to be controlled by me, how much it turns you on to let go and be at my mercy, and how letting those feelings and sensations flow freely will allow you to feel things like you never have before.  

And here you are...used and dripping and laying across the kitchen table completely bare and naked.  Trying to catch your breath, and not really able muster the strength to rise up.  To some this would be a horrible and embarrassing position to be in.  Maybe even for you once upon a time.  But now, no shame has even crossed your mind.  You feel comfort and peace in being in this position and belonging to me.  Baring yourself to me.  

Just when you think you are about to regain your senses, you feel it.  I am now standing behind you, and you didn't even notice how I got there.  You try to rise up a bit and put my hand between your shoulder blades and shove you forcefully back down against the table.  As my hand applies pressure to your back holding you down, sensing me directly behind you, you feel my hardness against your exposed assets. You are a sloppy mess, but have come to expect this reaction from your body.  It pours uncontrollably for me, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  

Still feeling me right behind you, rubbing myself in the mess your body has created for me, the tension building, and then all of a sudden you are filled with what you have needed more than anything else...



  1. Inside your head sounds like a fun place to be. The added picture was great.

  2. Yes. Very, very exciting. You describe that feeling of complete release and abandonment perfectly.

  3. Than you all. I'm glad you enjoyed a peek inside my head and thoughts. DB, careful what you wish for...being inside there may be hazardous to your health. LOL!


  4. Hehe that was great!


  5. Beautiful Sir! Oddly it made mouse blush while reading it.