May 13, 2012

He Has A Way...

(more excerpts from inside the head of DV)

He has a way about his approach to her.  He loves to put her in positions that he views as both submissive and vulnerable.  Positions where she is bound and can move slightly but can't get out of place.  Today, he chooses not to blindfold her.  He wants her to see him moving about, and let her wonder what he is doing.  Let her wonder what implements will be his choice this time. He wants the butterflies to build within her.  He knows it makes her nervous, yet excites her at the same time.  This is what she has asked for in giving herself to him, and it makes her drip with nervous anticipation.

Sometimes she still does not understand this.  She still questions how she can need such things from him.  How she can be so nervous, and subject herself to this.  And yet it turns her on beyond belief.  Her mind says one thing, while her body responds so willingly.  Her mind may question her desire, but her body has no doubts whatsoever.  It burns with a searing heat produced from deep inside, and like no one else has ever made her feel.  

This is her drug.  It's addictive.  As much as she tries she can't do without.  He makes her want and need what only he can give to her.  Sometimes he makes her beg for it.  Sometimes he sates her just a bit but not enough.  Other times he makes her suffer the withdrawals of going without.  While still, other times he gives her so much she thinks she will overdose and can't handle it.  

She has never presented herself to anyone like she does him.  She has never willingly been this vulnerable to anyone or anything.  So why?  Why now?  Why him?  Because she trusts him with every ounce of her being.  She trusts him with her life and every breath she takes.  He has proven he is worthy of her trust.  That he will push her limits and boundaries, but will also care for and see to her well being.  He treats her like his most valued possession, makes her feel appreciated and loved.  She respects him like she has never respected anyone, man or woman.  She truly does belong to him in the most sacred of her mind. 

As he approaches her, her moves around behind her.  All she can hear is a faint snicker come from him.  She knows why he is laughing.  She is embarrassed, but can't help it, and now that he is standing behind her watching, it kicks into overdrive.  She can feel herself dripping.  She can feel the moisture pouring from within her.  All this time he hasn't said a word.  He hasn't made a single utterance about his intentions or of her being left in this position.  Then finally the silence is broken...

"Oh made a puddle for me again.  You can clean it up when we are done.  No point in doing it now when you'll just have to do it again later."  


  1. This is delicious! Thank you for sharing!
    Mmmm...yes. Very nice.


  2. Love visiting your blog. :-)