August 20, 2011

The Art Of Us

She laid before him...bearing her entire self...leaving nothing unexposed.  She said:

 "You are the artist and I am your canvas...make me your Masterpiece.  Create me.  Mold me.  Shape me from your own hands.  Make me into your own vision."

He studied her and then replied:

"If I am the artist, and you are the canvas, then you are a canvas that already has an invisible portrait on it.  I just happen to be the one that can bring out and add color to what is already there.  Enabling you to see what kind of portrait you already are.  To see what you already have within you, but needs the right attention to bring it out and let it shine. 

So create?  Mold?  I am just the guide and enabler.  You are already created and molded.  You just haven't seen it yet or been able to totally find it within yourself.  I am here to show you the priceless artistry you truly are and can be.  You have offered me the canvas that is you...I will bring to the forefront what the canvas holds within."

Happiness and joy swept across her face.  As tears of emotional bliss ran down her cheek, she said:

"I am your canvas.  I am yours.  Show me who I am.  Let me see who I can be.  Let me be more than I have ever been.  Show me how to be more than I ever knew I was capable of being.  Most me how to be all this for you.  I need to be this for you.  My canvas has waited for the one artist that knows how to bring forth all I hold inside.  You are that artist, and I give the canvas that I am to you as yours...completely."

 He knew all of this already.  He had been taking her further and deeper.  The further they went, the more he broke through.  Yet, this was a great milestone.  Even though she knew it in her heart as well, now the words had been uttered from behind her lips.  She had openly admitted what she is to him...what she gives to him...what she needs to be.  His completely!

"You are mine.  I know it and you know it.  Neither of us can be who we are without the other.  An artist is nothing without his canvas.  A canvas can never carry the portrait without the artist.  Apart we are mere objects.  Together we are a living, growing, evolving work of art.  Never hold back.  Never retreat into your blank canvas.  Allow yourself to shine bright as I bring out the work of art that is you.  Never be afraid.  I am here to hold and support you.  I am here to love and nurture you.  I am here to push you past what you see, so that you can be what lies beneath...still yet to be discovered.  Together...we will become a Masterpiece."


  1. i like watching one sentence morph into a whole post! you are a fantastic wordsmith and pen beautiful stories!

  2. That was really touching.
    Thank you

  3. Just beautiful.

    Master and submissive - we complete each other.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. You "paint" such a gorgeous picture.

  4. Again with the amazing writing! Thanks DV for saying what so many of us have troubles getting out.


  5. Thanks for all the great comments. I'm glad I can pull something out of my head that resonates with you in some way.


  6. Love this. You write so beautifully DV.

    blossom x

  7. Unbelievable…our minds align…I had no idea...