August 3, 2010

What Does It Mean...

I came across this while surfing another blog last night.  I really can't remember where it came from, as I got to it through several different links.  First I will say, that I'm not trying to steal anyone else's work.  If you know who this belongs to, then feel free to let me know and I'll gladly give credit to them.  When I read it I though this was a wonderful prose, I guess you'd say, about a D/s or M/s relationship.  I thought I'd share it with you all, and maybe you will find it as touching and meaningful as I did.

Update August 18, 2011 - Here is a link to the origin of this writing.

What does it mean to be called a Master……….Her MASTER

A tender gentle caring Man
that wishes to control, to Dominate.
Submitting to His wishes, she gives,
and pleases Him, smiles at His praise

Thoughts of Him are constant in her mind,
for her only desire is to serve Him in all ways.
He is her final true Friend, she is His listener.

He is her father figure, she is daddy’s little girl.

He directs her, guides her, she strives to change,
to better herself, to reach those goals He sets for her.

He is her Teacher, she is an apt and eager and intelligent pupil, wanting to learn
of His ways, of His likes, wanting to learn and understand
her emergent and rampant sexuality.

He is the One that praises her, listens to her, molds her, cherishes and protects.
He treasures her, loving her, pushing her to do more, to take more.
She is the one that blossoms in His care, that shines with love for Him,
radiating grace and a passion of the mind, body, heart, and soul.

He leads, she follows.
He wants her to be like so for Him -
slut, whore, cum addict, wanton, possession, woman; His toy
She strives to be those things for Him, finding out
more about her desires as she does so.

He is Master, she is slave.
He says; she does.

Yet as she gives to Him, He gives more of Himself
to her, showing her her worth and value to Him.

In His eyes, she is everything, finding a strength not
known to her before, finding peace within His hold of her.

His chains bind her, yet she is free.
Free of worrying all the time.
Free of being stuck in her growth...always evolving

In His chains, she is free, because she knows He will
cherish her, every part if her being.

She knows He will cherish her, every part of her.
She is His; She is slave….

She is free to fly…as high as she was born to be


  1. Beautiful. I have no idea where it came from either, but thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. These words are breathtaking, Sir..I simply love them and had to share them with my beloved Master and some of my Friends in lifestyle..They all found it beautiful... This is all I believe in D/s relationship, so well put... You are really good in expressing those feelings, Sir



    Is the link to the origional post.

    Great text!