July 30, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday

I know how much all my avid followers can't wait for Friday so that they can have their ass fix to start the weekend!  Even if it is only three, maybe four, avid followers.  LOL!  OK ok...I know there are more than that.  Anyway, here you go with your weekly dose!  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend and may it filled with all the ass you need!  :)


  1. i love the shadow in the first one... have a nice week end..

  2. Hmm... I think the 5th is my favorite, but they are all amazing (as always).

  3. I admit I am a follower of your Friday posts...My pick is #5

  4. Thanks for all of the really lovely pics to start my weekend with.

  5. 5th one is really good....
    and the 3rd one is the second on my list :)

  6. Oh photo number 1 is brilliant. Kudos to that artist/photographer!

    Number two should be called Tantalizing tasty tits! OMG who cares about her ass, does she even have one? Great breasts, big nips...mmmmm.


  7. I’ve noticed “FAF” is almost all white chicks.

    Hard to truly have FAF without some color, don’t you feel?

    As any rapper knows, gals of color have asses that truly defy gravity.


  8. Lovely as always, I have to go with No. 5.

    And I agree with Missy n B--a little color would be nice.